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Mau Nieto said calm before accusations of sexual abuse: “I will take the necessary legal action”

(photo: Twitter)

Following accusations of sexually abusing melissa jamel, ma grandson He broke the silence in which he had remained and shared his declaration of innocence through a statement on his social networks.

Since according to the testimony of the comedian, Nieto would have drunk her and then abused her in 2018 in a comedy forum.

“Everyone who knows me knows that I am a person who preaches with upright values ​​and ideals; therefore, I totally disapprove any conduct that violates the dignity and rights of any person”

However, he added that despite supporting the complaints, assured that these should be done in the corresponding instances and equitably for the parties involved. He also alleged that the complaint against him it was a confusion that affected his career.

The standupero spoke about the accusations (photo: Instagram/manieto)
The standupero spoke about the accusations (photo: Instagram/manieto)

“There is a big difference between consensual and consensual sexual encounters. those who attack the sexual freedom of people; confusing them causes irreparable damage on a personal, family and work level, affecting a career that I have built over the years and with a lot of effort,” the statement read.

Lastly, he assured that it’s calm and willing to, if necessary, “provide the elements that prove my full innocence”, in addition to presenting legal actions necessary to defend his integrity as a person.

The accusation of Melissa Yamel

Said accusation was made last August 15th by Melissa Yamel, who, through her official Twitter account, wrote about the abuse she suffered in 2018 when she participated in the Woko Comedy Club forum.

In the lengthy Twitter thread, the producer of stand-upsaid that after approaching to congratulate the comedian, he ordered numerous drinks to alcohol Yamel.

Melissa is a standup producer (Instagram photo: @melissapurrs)
Melissa is a standup producer (Instagram photo: @melissapurrs)

“I went to tell him that I had really liked his routine, to which he immediately replied; ‘What are you drinking?’ Thereafter He bought a mezcal and another and another and another. After so many, I remember asking him: ‘Mauricio Nieto, why is he buying me so many drinks?’ In order to fuck with you, he replied “

Later, he said that he took her by the arm to lead her to a bathroom in the place where you had non-consensual sex. After leaving the bathroom, Nieto and his friends had left the forum and Yamel received various claims by his friends who alleged that his behavior could ruin the comedian’s career.

“They told me as if it was my fault that Mauricio had abused me,” Melissa wrote.

Solin’s version

Despite the defendant’s initial silence, the either Solín, gave his version of the factssince he was mentioned as a witness to the events before and after the alleged abuse.

The comedian "Solín" spoke about the subject he apparently witnessed (Photos: Instagram/@maunieto/@melissapurrs/@solinstandup)
The comedian “Solín” spoke about the subject he apparently witnessed (Photos: Instagram/@maunieto/@melissapurrs/@solinstandup)

Through another thread, the comedian pointed out that Yamel was insistent on being introduced to Mau Nieto while very drunk, contradicting Melissa’s statements.

In addition, in the message presented by the standupero, he pointed out that when leaving the bathroom, she presumed that she had kissed the comedian.

“Mau left the bathroom drowned and indeed his friends took him away, you arrived still very drunk and excited to tell me ‘Weeee I can’t believe I made out with Mau Nieto”, he wrote in the message that he later shared on social networks.

Mauricio Nieto is a standup Mexican who in recent years has gained presence in social networks after his participation in ComedyCentral Y Netflix. also unleashed with the jaran interview program presented on Youtube which he carried out in the company of Román Torres, a member of Matisse.


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