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Mau Nieto received a second complaint; he allegedly drugged a woman without her consent

(Photo: IG manueto)
(Photo: IG manueto)

After the standup producer, Melissa Jamel, pointed out that the comedian ma grandson allegedly sexually abused her, the reactions were immediate and a woman named Ximena Moreno broke the silence to tell that she was also violated by the famous, who apparently drugged her without her permission.

It was from your account Twitter where Ximena first expressed her support for the young woman who recently denounced the abuses would have suffered from ma grandson.

“I open thread of ‘the day that @MauNieto drugged me’…@MelissaPurrs I do believe you, I didn’t say anything before because in the end “he just drugged me”, today I share it as a background, so that it is for whoever finds it, in any context”, he began to say.

In this sense, the woman narrated that her bad experience with the standup would have happened in 2017, when she went out with one of Mau Nieto’s friends. After dinner they went to the defendant’s apartment to play board games and apparently the comedian would have put something in his drink when he went out for a smoke.

“On January 22, 2017 I went out with 1, we went to dinner with 2 and with @MauNieto from there came the plan to go to this guy’s apartment, we went to OXXO for something to drink, we arrived at the apartment, we played board games and we were talking quite comfortably, “he began to narrate.

(Photo: Instagram)
(Photo: Instagram)

Ximena deepened that, in the first instance, she did not feel at risk and even thought that she was “a good guy”, but the situation began to become worrying a short time later.

“1 and I pour ourselves a gin, leave it on the table and go out for a smoke. Everything was still fine. We went back in, we sat down, I took a couple of drinks of the gin at the most and we continued talking, around 29/39 min I felt strange so I went to the bathroom. I tried to relax, my hands were sweaty, but I had taken very little and it felt different, I suspected that something was wrong, but it never crossed my mind that someone had drugged me. I say we were 4 people talking pkm about life, playing mouth full bursting with laughter I did not see it coming”.

The woman stressed that she had never experienced that kind of feeling, so she was scared and, although she tried to remain calm, she did not feel well.

“I had NEVER used DRUGS so I was really scared. I washed my face, breathed… I left the bathroom, I didn’t say anything, I sat in an armchair and saw a lot of light, my heart was racing as if I had taken 10 black pearls… 1 went to the bathroom, 2 I turned to see and almost She immediately got up and said goodbye… I told her something like ‘don’t go’ or ‘why are you leaving’ but, very euphoric. There I confirmed that something was not right.sentenced.

(Photo: Getty images)
(Photo: Getty images)

Ximena pointed out that after that, one of the friends present would have seen Mau Nieto and the comedian would have laughed.

“2 I turn to see @MauNieto with a face like ‘ok verg * I better go’ like when you already know that your friend did something stupid and you don’t want to be part of it (or that has been my perception until today) and Mauricio started laughing with that stupid laugh he has when he’s drunk“, said.

At this point, when one of those present left the bathroom, the young woman complained to him and asked if he had drugged her, because she knew that it was not normal for her body to react that way.

“He told me that he had not been, that he did not know what had happened, but that he was going to investigate. We left, he helped me down the stairs, because my legs were shaking, when we got into the car my jaw started to lock, I started grinding my teeth, I had a headache and obviously I began to be very afraid of not knowing what was happening to me or what could happen to me, “he said.

(Photo: Getty images)
(Photo: Getty images)

After leaving, she asked the person to take her to a cousin’s house, but since she did not remember the address or her phone number, the subject would have cared for her all night. But in the morning Ximena commented that she still felt bad and had chills, dilated pupils, dry lips and later he returned to tachycardia.

Whoever was with her and took her from the site would have returned later and told the young woman the version that Mau Nieto gave her about the situation.

1 went to work for me, the version that Mauricio gave him was “I wanted to drug you, as a joke, but she had the wrong glass”… I thought I NEVER make the wrong glass, I remember everything perfectly, and in fact, I don’t I took the wrong glass but it was easier to digest that than to think that maybe he had some other intention to have drugged me.

Subsequently, Ximena told her cousin that she was a lawyer and she advised her to report it, but she did not want to do so because at the time “she minimized it.” According to her story, days later he would have found Mau Nieto at a show and he told him that his actions had not been malicious.

(Photo: IG manueto)
(Photo: IG manueto)

“He told me something like ‘sorry, if I had known that you took it and that you had never taken drugs, I would have told you so you wouldn’t go wrong’… then he tried to be funny and said something like: ‘she drank the glass by mistake’ and one of her friends said ‘wey, but she’s crazy about being drugged for free’”.

I don’t know what the hell world is in that they transgress your body, your mind and your freedom to decide what you consume or not, it’s not bad at all not having a clue what’s happening to you and what could happen to you… I met feminist women In the middle, they told me to tell it because it wasn’t the first time I had done something like this (…) Later they began stories of women he had abused, sexually abused them, they didn’t have anyone nearby so they could get out of there.

Ximena mentioned that, after reading the case of Melissa Yamel, she decided to break the silence and delved into the fact that people like Mau Nieto were not to be trusted.

“Let her know that I believe her, that she is not alone, that it is true @MauNieto is a shitty guy* who drugged me and then said he wanted to drug his friend as a joke (which makes him more of a shit) . This dude can’t keep getting away with it, he can’t keep having the power, influence and access to spaces where he can continue to violate women, he needs to take responsibility for his actions and pay the consequences of his immaturity, his misogyny and his inconsistency…”, he concluded.

(Photo: Twitter)
(Photo: Twitter)


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