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Mattis Haetta dies at 63, legendary singer of the Eurovision Tune Contest

  • The singer died of illness
  • She was a star of the Eurovision Song Contest
  • A critique of the lifestyle of the interpreter

Mattis Haetta dies: The winner of the 1980 Melodi Grand Prix and Norwegian representative of Eurovision, Mattis Hætta, died at the age of 63, as a end result of an ailment. Mattis turned a star in Norway right away after successful the Melodi Grand Prix alongside Sverre Kjelsberg with the tune “Sámiid Ædnan”.

He was remembered for being the 1st singer in Eurovision history to symbolize the Sámi tradition and his way of joking with classic tunes, for which he will constantly be remembered in his homeland. At the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest in The Hague, the duo concluded in 16th area.

the sami lifestyle

the sami culture

Mattis Haetta was active in the Sámi legal rights protest and was amid the protesters for the Alta bring about, a political conflict in which the Sámi individuals opposed the building of a dam in the inside of Finnmark. The Sami live in Lapland, a location that stretches throughout northern Norway, Sweden, Finland, and the Kola Peninsula in northwestern Russia.

The protest resulted in a hunger strike and marks a sizeable point in Sámi record as it led to the establishment of the Sámi parliament. Sámiid Ædnan was produced in connection with this scenario and is focused to the total Sámi individuals, who suffered discrimination as an ethnic minority.

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