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Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel from ‘House the Dragon’ are at CdMx and reveal details of the series

the cast of House of the Dragon tour the world for a few days, as part of the promotion of the long-awaited prequel to game of Thrones and Mexico is one of the scales chosen by Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel, two of the protagonists of this story who, as of today, are in Mexico City.

At a press conference, the actors spoke about the challenge of creating a proposal that honors the legacy of GOT and at the same time offer something different and authentic, “of course there will be dragonsblonde wigs, pain and death, everything they enjoyed in GOT, they will have it here too, but differently, “said Matt Smith.

“This is like the second album of a great rock band and I must say that it is a very good second album, maybe even better than the first, but in addition to giving them the hit of the moment, we want to give them something very special with the origin of this story,” added Smith, who in this epic fantasy plays Daemon Targaryen.

House of the Dragon It is located 170 years before what happened in game of Thronesso it becomes an opportunity to know what happens with one of the most powerful houses within the universe created by George RR Martin: the Targaryen family, that that timeline reign without opponents thanks to their dragons.

“I won’t say much about it, but this is set long before Game of Thrones and it’s basically a family story. We know about the pressure from the public and it’s a good thing, they have passion, they follow the story and we want to create something entertaining, whether we succeed or not is no longer up to us, let’s cross the demos, “said Matt.

“I think we can expect a lot of violence and a lot of love, that’s the core of the show, I think there’s something that everyone can relate to, no matter the circumstances, almost everyone has a family, they fall in love, they feel anger and these characters feel what same, but with dragons and wigs and beautiful costumes”, added Fabien Frankel.

As part of the plot, Fabien plays Ser Criston Cole, “a lot of things will happen to my character in the first season and what I can share, without burning history, is that this man is an integral part of how the Targaryens rise to power. My whole process arose from the books and of course from the script”, commented the actor.

For his part, Matt explained that his character, Daemon “liked to play the game, it’s complicated, I don’t know where it goes, but it walks on the edge of a knife and at any moment it can fall, either from one side or the other or break in half, but deep down its path is fragile, it is achieving balance on the blade”.

the cast of House of the Dragon has toured the world in recent days as part of the promotion prior to its premiere on August 21 on HBO Max. Tonight they will have a red carpet in Mexico City, where Matt Smith and Fabien Frankel will be present to enjoy the first episode of the series.


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