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“Matilda”, the evolution of the protagonist of the famous movie


Matilda is a film that, despite being released in nineteen ninety six, is one of the most beloved of the public at the international.

The story produced by Danny DeVito is based on the homonymous novel Roald Dahl starring Mara Wilson, who plays a genius girl who can’t get along with her dysfunctional family.

Film with positive reviews, failure at the box office

However, Matilda Wormwood it is not only a small sparkly intellectually, but also manages to develop skills psychokinetic, which makes it very special.

The film was released a August 2nd 25 years ago and, although it received positive reviews, it was a failure in ticket office.

The production could not even recoup the investment of $ 36 million, because he only managed to accumulate 33 million around the world.

Qualification of “Matilda” a quarter of a century later

Nowadays, this version of the story has a 90% rating on platforms like Rotten Tomatoes, where not only the development of the story is flattered, but also the excellent work of the cast.

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“Matilda” became, over the years, an unforgettable film.- Fot Twitter @FrankRizzoWerks

Mara Wilson, the genius girl

The protagonist of Matilda he turned 34 on July 24 And despite how difficult her childhood and the filming of the film were due to the death of her mother from breast cancer, the actress graduated from Idyllwild Arts Academy in 2005 and later studied at the New York University.

There he decided to focus on performance and media arts, something she was destined for after starting her career in 1993 with the movie Mrs. Doubtfire.

Mara decides to walk on other trails

Despite its Success, Mara decided to leave the acting world in 2000, when it was his last major role, he cited herladodemexico.com.mx ..

According to some statements that he gave years later, the dynamic of participating in films was not his likingespecially since in these spaces it is rarely allowed to have creative freedom.

Although he confessed that at 16 he expected act again, realized the limitations of the industry and the stereotypes that continue to exist, so he decided focus on your studies.

“Matilda” today

The famous one has more than 150 thousand followers in your account Instagram and has already written his first book, which focuses on his journey from the accidental fame until the moment when she became a grown woman, while addressing the strange and incredible things that happened during that stage.

Mara, better known as Matilda, focuses on exposing topics such as mental health, as she herself suffered from anxiety, depression and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In addition, during the last years he participated as voice actress in productions such as BoJack Horseman, Big Hero 6: The Series, and Helluva Boss.

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