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MasterChef Movie star Mexico: Who was Eradicated on Sunday, November 6?

Master Chef Celebrity is approaching the last courses in which we will meet the contestants who will be the finalists. The most famed kitchen in Mexico was a hive of passions this sunday november 6 the place a field challenge gave the chefs of the blue workforce the winners.

Immediately after a system comprehensive of terrific moments and where by the previous members of the first season of Learn Chef Celebrity frequented the kitchen area for a problem, the superstars had to carry out their finest flavors to arise victorious.

This is how Julión Álvarez arrived at Banda MS he “he approached as a lover”, remembers the group

This Sunday’s elimination challenge was about building the best churros and donuts Lorena Herrera, Carlos Eduardo, Mauricio Mancera and Alejandra Toussaint, wearing the black apron, experienced only 45 minutes to satisfy this difficult obstacle.

Who was eradicated this Sunday?

Soon after providing their very best, the famous people confronted one of the hardest and tastiest elimination difficulties of the opposition. Immediately after seeking to comply with the recommendations of the cooks, it was made a decision that the comic Carlos Eduardo was the removed from this night.

“I arrived ignorant of the kitchen, I’m leaving as a enthusiast and with a new custom I’m likely to prepare dinner on Sundays at house,” mentioned Carlos Eduardo.

Who have been eradicated from MasterChef Movie star?

Charles Edward Rico he joins a listing of eliminated, nurtured with the passage of various weeks. As a result, he joined the formerly expelled individuals: Talina Fernández, Francisco Gattorno, Julio Camejo, Ernesto D’Alessio, Verónica del Castillo, Alan Ibarra, Carmen Campuzano, Macky González and Margarita “La Diosa de la Cumbia”

Who is remaining in MasterChef Celeb?

For the subsequent broadcast, these are the stars who will continue to contend in the reality clearly show Learn Chef Superstar in lookup of the much desired prize:

  • Lorraine Herrera (Actress)
  • Alejandra Toussaint (Actress)
  • Marcelo Lara (Musician)
  • Mauricio Mancera (Conductor)
  • Alejandra Avalos (Singer)
  • Ricardo Peralta (Youtuber)
  • Karla Sofia Gascon (Actress)
  • Arturo López Gavito (Producer)
  • Nadia (singer)


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