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MasterChef Mexico and the best scoldings of the judges: “It is terribly overcooked”

‘MasterChef Mexico‘ is one of the programs that has generated the most reactions in viewers, it is even one of the great programs that have given us invaluable memes in each of its episodes and broadcasts.

In each of the seasons the judges Betty, Benito and Chef Herrera They demonstrated their discipline in the kitchen as well as their strong and strict character before the contestants, in addition to the fact that on more than one occasion there was a strong confrontation.

In Millennium We will review some of the scoldings that most impacted us from this reality show kitchen as well as reliving past seasons.

Gavito breaks down in tears in the middle of the MasterChef Celebrity program: “I was breaking down”

Chef Benito’s fights

Benito the Chef It was one of the most demanding in this competition and on more than one occasion we heard the judge say anything from bad words to losing patience against the contestants due to the poor quality of their dishes.

One of the ones we remember the most is when the Chef Benedict clashed with the contestant Gonzálo from the 2020 broadcast andn where the participant responded to criticism for what caused discomfort in the judge.

“Shut up, Gonzálo, your plate is crap, your sauce is crap, get your bearings”

While Benito Molina gave his criticism of his “deplorable dish”, Gonzálo responded to what Benito lashed out at.

On the other hand, one of the scoldings that we remember for the contestant’s reaction is that of

Sister Flor, where Benito assured that between joke and joke his plate

it was crap.

Chef Herrera and his rudeness

One of the rudest of the program is the Chef Herrera for what his critics are a reason to pay attention and some of its participants shed tears just by feeling the look of the Chef.

A memorable occasion is when he gave Alan one of his own saucers and told him blunt that he prove his preparation as well as stressed how poorly executed it was in chicken.

“I want you to chew it, don’t swallow it, it’s not a pill, chew it as much as you need so you can see its flavor.”

Chef Betty and her subtle scolding

For its part, despite the Chef Betty she is one of the quietest she has also had to scold some of the contestants as well as put them in their place some otheryou.

In the second season we saw cLike Chef Betty shared a piece of advice with contestant Mariana whom she said should show her abilities outside of his physique.

“I don’t need a pretty girl in the kitchen”

No doubt the judges’ criticism They are increasingly demanding and therefore they must know that the participants must give everything in the kitchen.


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