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MasterChef Celebrity: Who Was Thrown Out By A Tarantula?

Aristeo Cazares, expulsado de Masterchef Celebrity

MEXICO CITY – Aristeo Cázares the new was driven out of reality MasterChef celebrity. Water cockroaches, black tarantulas and scorpions determined their extinction.

In the final challenge called Survival, Bebeshita, Aristeo and Mauricio Islas they had to improvise with these insects and test them first. “I was just about to say I was going,” said Bebeshita when she knew what to prepare. The driver got the cockroaches, which she made into a “Gordita” with guacamole and lemon.

Aristeo has settled down with some Tarantula tacos, To do this, he removed the spines, went through butter and presented it with a cream of garlic, onions and habanero pepper. “When I go, I’m happy,” he said after the tasting. Mauricio Islas struggled a little with the scorpions, because when he tried them for the first time he found that they were viscous and acidic inside.

Boss Herrera was responsible for announcing the final decision. “You are very tenacious and you should never lose it,” he said to Aristeo Cázares. “My adventure is over and I am happy to have been there,” said the expelled.

Aristeo Cázares removed from MasterChef Celebrity

In order to make this decision, there was an initial challenge, which was to have the eight participants split into two teams to prepare wings and thighs with a little sauce and garnish.

Laura Zapata was chosen to be the captain of the blue team, which included Stephanie Salas, Matilde Obregón and ex-referee Francisco Chacón. Mauricio Islas, meanwhile, was the leader of the red team, including Bebeshita, Aristeo and Germán Montero. Each individual’s members were selected after each participant ate a wire and discovered their team’s color on the toothpick.

Since Zapata took over the captaincy, he demonstrated in agreement with his partner Chacón that he was a good leader because he delegated. She chose the third starting XI and left it to the former referee to end the exercise.

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Bebeshita from the red team threw a bottle of oil and then got angry when Aristeo left the team for a few moments to assist the blue one who couldn’t do it with an electronic device.

“Treason,” she yelled in amusement in post-competition interviews. Red lost, so they had to be eliminated between Bebeshita, Aristeo, Germán and Mauricio.

For the next shipment of Master chef The challenge was expected to be carried out in Malinalco, Mexico state, and an unclear return from Patricia Navidad expelled on previous broadcasts.

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