MasterChef Celebrity Mexico on alert: Possible covid infection possible

It’s Monday 26 July Inside a recording of a TV Aztec cooking contest told of an alleged infection masterchef celebrity Mexico.

In reality showhandjob Celebrities such as Laura Zapata, Stephanie Salas and controversial actress Patricia Navidad attend, who refused vaccination for the program.

A Yucatecan in the Program

In the show, as reported megamedia group on its various forums, 10 men and 10 women They are in the most famous kitchens of Mexico to show their culinary talents.

most famous people, Yucatecan designer David Salomon.

infection warning

As reported by entertainment magazine director Gil Berreira tv and novels, There are red flags in the program.

“I am able to confirm that there are red flags in MasterChef Celebrity”, He tweeted, detailing that he would provide more information about Jesse Cervantes’ radio show.

recording would have been suspended

Similarly, specific Twitter accounts in show content, La Comadrita reported that the recording had already been suspended for at least 15 days.

However, this will not affect the opening date of the cooking competition, which will be next on August 20., cited

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