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MasterChef Celebrity 2022: Tatiana reveals the finalists of the season | PHOTO

Last Sunday, August 21, the ‘Azteca Uno’ screens trained the new season of the world’s most famous cooking reality show, MasterChef Celebrity 2022′.

On this occasion there are 20 luminaires that face the most demanding culinary challenge of their lives, highlighting personalities such as Talina Fernández, Margarita ‘The Goddess of Cumbia’Lorena Herrera and Arturo López Gavito.

At the moment 18 participants continue in the competition, since almost three weeks after its premiere two celebrities have said goodbye to the kitchen: Veronica del Castillo and Ernesto D’Alessio. However, just at the start of this television project, scheduled to end its broadcast in December, We already know the identity of each of the finalists.

Tatiana filters the finalists of MasterChef Celebrity 2022

Everything seems to indicate that the MasterChef recordings have come to an endWell, Tatiana, host of the program, shared through her Instagram account a photograph with the legend The last one and we leave'”

This would not be strange were it not for the fact that the photo portrays what appears to be the recording of the GRAND FINAL. It shows the entire cast that is part of the current season as well as the chefs, members of the production and participants from previous seasons.

What stands out is the clothing of four of the celebrities; It is a Filipino, characteristic garment of the chefs and that have used each of the finalists of all seasons from MasterChef Mexico.

Who are the finalists of MasterChef 2022?

According to what Tatiana shared, The MasterChef Celebrity 2022 finalists are:

  • Arturo Lopez Gavito
  • Lorraine Herrera
  • Alexandra Avalos
  • Ricardo Peralta (Pepe)

The Instagram post was uploaded more than 10 hours ago and at the moment it has not been deleted. Could it be that this creates labor and legal problems for the ‘queen of children’?

Photo of the recording of the GRAND FINAL / Instagram: @oficial.tatiana


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