Home Entertainment ‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ Star Ally Maki Dishes In Hulu’s New Animated Series (Exclusive)

‘Marvel’s Hit-Monkey’ Star Ally Maki Dishes In Hulu’s New Animated Series (Exclusive)

'Marvel's Hit-Monkey' Star Ally Maki Dishes In Hulu's New Animated Series (Exclusive)

Marvel’s hit monkey, A new animated series to be released on Hulu on Wednesday begins when the tribe of a Japanese snow monkey is butchered. As a result, he allies himself with the spirit of an American assassin and together they begin to make their way through the yakuza underworld. The cast is led by George Takei, Jason Sudeikis, Olivia Munn, Ally Maki, Nobi Nakanishi, and Fred Tatasciore.

Maki, who speaks to Haruka on the series – an honest cop with a desire to bring justice to Tokyo – participated in a virtual Q&A after a special online premiere with ET where the actress talked about joining the series by Will Speck and Josh Gordon helped shape her character and influence she hopes the series will bring inclusivity and Asian representation to Hollywood. The event was jointly hosted by Hulu, Maki’s Asian American Girl Club, and Tremendous Communications.

“I auditioned for a couple of different women on the show and then I got Haruka, and it was such a pleasure. When I went to audition, I met Josh Gordon and Will Speck who are the creators of the show and her had so much energy and loved the show and I know they wanted to respect Japanese culture and all of that, “shared Maki. “When I signed up for the show it was a try and we had our first session, I could really create the character in the room … That first day we went through the first episodes or two when she was introduced and I fell in love with her instantly. And we found out in that first session. “

Getting to know Haruka on the first floor and shaping her into a strong, capable and independent woman was particularly appealing to Maki, who also gave her her voice Toy story 4.

“I think any character, especially an Asian-American female character, is like really doing justice to that character and making sure that it’s completely nuanced and that it has many levels and that it’s not just one thing . I think it was really important to me, like any character I get into, “she explained.” But I think the cool thing about Haruka was when she first appeared in episode two, she’s new in town. She’s from a small town in Hokkaido. She’s new to the scene. She’s paired up with Ito (voiced by Nakanishi) who is a bit gruff. He’s got his drinking problems, he’s that mockery of the police. She leaves So into a lot. And it was really important – I worked with Josh and Will on where it starts and where it ends. I think this is one of my favorite parts of their journey. “

“She’s learning to use her voice and you can see her learning throughout the season – not just from the people around her to be the only woman on her squad, but also from her partnership with Ito because they learn a lot from everyone . ” others, “added Maki.” Their styles are so completely different. He learns a lot from her and she learns a lot from him. And at some point they somehow meet in the middle of it. It was so much fun. “

What the audience can expect when they sit down to watch Hit monkey, Maki implies that the action is only only Beginning.

“Definitely expect a great girl power team. I mean, Olivia Munn is the other woman on the show and we were friends before and she’s just so great and supportive. Her character [Akiko, politician Shinji’s fearless niece,] is so strong in such a different way. I think it’s great to see these two Asian-American female characters uttered by Asian-American women who are so different, but so unique themselves, and both fighting for things that are so important to them – even though Olivia and I are never together were in the cabin. “” Sometimes I would send a text message and say, ‘I just missed you!’ Or she sent a little something: ‘I’m recording this today!’ She is great. [The characters] only two are very clever, ambitious, and powerful in their own way. I can’t wait for the audience to see Haruka and Akiko how their storylines interlock. “

“On top of that, I think Haruka had such an interesting journey in season 1, really embedding her values, but also when they are tested, what does it look like? And believing in what she believes in. There is a lot of great things “messaging within that storyline this season,” teased Maki.

Marvel’s hit monkey Premieres Wednesday on Hulu.

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