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Marvel refuses to let Stan Lee appear in new Simpsons short

Marvel refuses to let Stan Lee appear in new Simpsons short

A new “episode” arrived at Disney+ this week, which combines two completely different sagas, because Marvel superheroes came to Springfield to visit The Simpsons, where in a new short The legendary Stan Lee was about to appear.

“The Good, the Bad and the Loki” is the most recent production from Marvel and Disney where he focuses on the journey of the God of Lies to Springfield, after being driven out of Asgard by his father.

As in all films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), Stan Lee was going to have a small cameo in this short But the makers of Superhero Company have released the spectacular No.

Why didn’t he approve of Stan Lee’s presence?

During an interview with ComicBook, The Simpsons creator Al Jean explained that The idea was that Stan Lee would appear in “The Good, the Bad and the Loki” as a tribute., but Marvel refused.

there was an agreement that Has not appeared in any other volumes after his death in 2018.

they respect marvel policy

“TeaWe had some audio notes from Stan Lee from the time he participated in an episode of the series. We thought about using them, but at Marvel they said their policy was not to appear in any production,” Jean said.

Stan Lee’s pre-death recording

yes ok We saw it in movies like Captain Marvel and Avengers; end game, it was because his cameo was recorded before his death, so it was assumed that there would be no problem.

Stan Lee appeared in The Simpsons chapter “I’m Green With Rage”, Which relates to season 13 of the series, where Bart creates his own comic with Homer as the main character named the legendary “Angry Dad”.

Marvel Universe

The MCU’s Fourth Phase Begins This Week With the Premiere of “Black Widow”, a film that was shelved from last year and finally released.

There are more productions coming to Disney+, as well shang-chi movies, spiderman, doctor strange and a few others, mediotiempo.com reported.

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