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Marvel cartoonist makes fun of Tenoch Huerta’s physique in ‘Black Panther 2’

Tenoch Huerta will play the character of Namor in the new Marvel Studios film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. The Mexican is one of the several Latin American actors who participate in the UCM film, however, now his name appears not because of his performance in the film, but for a joke Mike Deodato, Jr..

Through Marvelthe comic artist put a photograph of the actor from behind, and for comparison, we also see one of the naked debutante but also from behind.

yese notices someone messed things up when a character in a movie looks in worse shape than the 60 year old artist who drew him” he writes on the photo.

Some laughter in the comments accompanied the situation; however, also criticism came from some users. Given this, he published a statement clarifying the situation.

I recently made a joke about a comic book character appearing on screen that got out of control due to the haters from Internet“writes the Marvel artist.

Without embargoclarifies that he was ‘mocking’ in relation to the character in the comic and not from Tenoch Huerta or from any person in real life; likewise, regarding tentative indications of racism, he assures that he did not even know who he was.

I was making fun of the comic book character, not the actor. Could be CGI(icomputer generated image)a puppet or a robot there, he was targeting a fictional character in a movie, not a person in real life“, he assures.

He had no idea who the actor was or his ethnicity. I wouldn’t change anything for myself, even if it were from Brazil, like myself. So the accusations that I’m racist are just dumb.“, he adds.

Finally, he assured that he did not seek to hurt anyone’s feelings, and assures that Tenoch Huerta “will do a great job” with the character of Namor.

I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, especially the actor in question, who, I’m sure, will do a great job with the character.“, he concluded.

So far, Tenoch Huerta has not commented on the case.


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