Marvel Calls Isabella Merced For Spider-Man’s Spin-Off “Madame Web”

Marvel Calls Isabella Merced For Spider-Man's Spin-Off

Peruvian-American actress Isabella Merced is the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in which she will make her debut with. madam webba film from the saga Spider Man And whose rights are with Sony Pictures.

According to an exclusive published by American newspaper Deadline, Merced will share the screen with Dakota Johnson, Sidney Sweeney and Celeste O’Connor.

Isabella Mercedes "Sicario Day of the Soldier", 2018

Isabella Mercedes “Sicario Day of the Soldier”, 2018

Director SJ Clarkson, best known for his work on Netflix’s darkest Marvel series, Jessica Jonesand MCU spinoffs defendersThe film has been contracted to shoot madam webb, Matt Sazama and Burke Sharpless, the back pair morbiusJared will write the screenplay with Leto.


In the comics, Madame Web is important in the interconnected multiverse, a somewhat confusing concept that Sony, Disney and Warner Bros. have begun to use in separate on-screen adventures.

The “Metaverse” theory includes multiple versions of characters from different timelines, in the case of Spider-Man: A New Universe You Spider-Man: No Way HomeBoth from Sony, can intersect in different degrees.

Madame Webb frequently appears as a minor character in Spider-Man comics, where she is portrayed as a blind, paralyzed elderly woman who has myasthenia gravis, a chronic autoimmune disease for which she needs a life support. Requires connecting to a system that looks like a cobweb.

Details about the plot are still unknown. The character was introduced in issue 210 of the comic series. The Amazing Spedeman, in 1980, where he is a clairvoyant mutant whose abilities prove highly beneficial to his arachnid allies such as Spider-Man and Spider-Woman.

Madame Webb in Marvel Comics.

Madame Webb in Marvel Comics.

last movie

worldwide success of Spider-Man: No Way HomeWhich is already the fourth-highest-grossing film in United States history with total collections of $735 million, allowing Sony to continue betting on the saga with this “spin-off.”

"Spider-Man No Way Home".

“Spider-Man No Way Home”.

In Argentina, already in March, the film broke the barrier to achieve a record four million viewers, Thus it became the most watched superhero film in the history of our country.

actress and singer

For her part, Merced, who was born in the United States but also has Peruvian citizenship, He is one of the emerging talents of Hollywood.,

Isabella Mercedes in "Dora the Explorer"

Isabella Mercedes in “Dora the Explorer”

After starring in the film alongside Eva Longoria and Eugenio Derbez Dora and the Lost City of Goldwill premiere father of the BrideA project that has brought him together with stars of the stature of Gloria Estefan, Diego Boneta, Andy García and Adria Arjona.

Previously presented this summer lovely girl On Netflix, a thriller in which she starred alongside Jason Momoa and Manuel García-Rulfo.

Isabella Merced in "Sweet Girl".  Photo: AP

Isabella Merced in “Sweet Girl”. Photo: AP

He has also entered the world of music, collaborating with Sebastian Journey and Danna Paola, song success there is no one else Such has been the Sebastian journey that he released the English version of the song in the company of artist Isabella Moner, which is Merced’s real surname. in that language the song is called my onlyAnd it was a hit in 2018 as well.

Elizabeth Merced.  IG Photo

Elizabeth Merced. IG Photo


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