Home Entertainment Martin Scorsese to direct a musical biopic about the Grateful Dead

Martin Scorsese to direct a musical biopic about the Grateful Dead

Martin Scorsese to direct a musical biopic about the Grateful Dead

Martin Scorsese will direct a musical biopic about the American folk rock band Grateful dead, in which the actor Jonah hill He will play the ensemble leader, Jerry Garcia, and the two will produce the Apple-owned film.

The project will reunite Scorsese and Hill following their collaboration on the acclaimed The wolf of Wall Street (2013) and the script will be in charge of Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, who develop the FX anthology series American Crime Story and they wrote My name is dolemite (2019), specialized US media reported today.

Although details of the film’s content were not disclosed, the film will cover the band’s beginnings in the 1960s in San Francisco, a product of the rise of the Californian psychedelic counterculture.

The Leader Of The Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, In 1992. He Died At The Age Of 53 Of A Heart Attack.  Ap Photo

The leader of the Grateful Dead, Jerry Garcia, in 1992. He died at the age of 53 of a heart attack. AP Photo

Scorsese produced and directed documentaries about rock bands throughout his career and, specifically, was an executive producer of Long Strange Trip (2017), which is about the Grateful Dead.

Countercultural band

As reported Variety, it is unclear what period of the band’s history the film will occupy, as yet untitled. The Grateful Dead formed in 1965 and became one of the key symbols of the counterculture by releasing a debut album in 1967 that was as strong as it was psychedelic. Along with Garcia, the founding members include Bob Weir, Ron McKernan, Phil Lesh, and Bill Kreutzmann.

Jonah Hill With Leonardo Dicaprio In Scorsese

Jonah Hill with Leonardo DiCaprio in Scorsese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Photo Clarín Archive

The “Deadheads” fandom flocked to see the best “jam band” over a period of decades until Garcia’s death in 1995 put an end to the band. His passing and breakup did surprisingly little to diminish the Dead’s enduring popularity: Garcia’s songs continued to be performed by tribute group Dead & Company, which just wrapped up its latest tour with a sold-out three-night stand at the Hollywood Bowl.

Long Strange Trip, Scorsese’s antecedent with the Dead, is a documentary that premiered in January 2017 at the Sundance Film Festival. It had a one-night national screening on May 25 of that year and a limited one-week theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles. The film was divided into a six-part miniseries, which became available on Amazon Prime Video in 2017.

The Film Would Portray The Beginnings Of The Psychedelic Band Led By Garcia, In The '60S.  Ap Photo

The film would portray the beginnings of the psychedelic band led by Garcia, in the ’60s. AP Photo

Long Strange Trip portrays the beginnings of the band and their interest in experimenting and launching into the unknown beyond music as well. As a result of those years, in which García claimed that the group was committed to “the human race taking a step forward”, albums such as Aoxomoxoa (1969), sound incursions into psychedelic waters that tried to reflect, still without much success, the charisma that the band gave off on stage.

Long Strange Trip it also underscores the role of drugs in the group, from their illuminating experiences with acid in the early Grateful Dead to the emergence of cocaine and heroin in later decades. However, and despite the exhaustive account of the film, it is surprising that in four hours there is no talk of sex in a band that spent their lives on Route 66, or that possible disputes between the musicians are not mentioned.

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