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Martin Elisalde and the songs that accompany him, even if they are annoying

Martin Elisalde and the songs that accompany him, even if they are annoying

Martin Elisalde is a talented rock solo artist who has spent over twenty years telling stories through his songs. He commanded the successful and innovative group False Prophets from 2001 to 2014, and has released albums as a solo artist from 2010.

This Thursday the 23rd, the pianist and singer-songwriter presents his new album Live summer time In Lucille Barr Martin will present the most recent songs, he will also review his classic songs from previous solo work and some of his previous band’s songs.

Martin Elizabeth.  Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

Martin Elizabeth. Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

– How are you preparing for the show at Lucille?

Playing live is always a cause for celebration, and even more so when it comes to presenting a new album. Over the past twelve years I’ve released nine albums of my own songs, if we count soloists and those from The False Prophet, and the moment of playing them live for the first time has always fascinated me, because as long as you don’t like it. Don’t do it, it’s like if something was missing in the album. It’s like it’s incomplete.

So you enjoy the show. You are not a lab artist.

-I perceive repetition as events that change events, a space in which something changes. To limit myself to playing songs and nothing more, I stay at home. A recital is so much more than mechanically performing it, it is an opportunity for people to experience something different from what they experience every day. The songs I do usually aren’t very friendly, they bother, but they also accompany, and that’s what we’re going to do this Thursday: upset and accompany.

– Who are you going to play with, both in the fixed band and the guests?

With me on stage would be the Solomon Brothers, the band that’s been with me for seven years now, and which seems to get better every day. With each album we take another step toward creating what some call a genre, and I think that’s one of the most difficult missions of music: to offer something that’s unique. There will also be a number of guests, such as Cucuza Castiello, Dolores, Sola, Diego Baiardi and some of the False Prophets.

about the new album

Cover of "At the Time of the Heat" by Martin Elisalde.

Cover of “At the Time of the Heat” by Martin Elisalde.

-How was your sixth solo album “A la Hora del Calor”?

,summer time There is a phrase that is in . Is my kibbutzi, the song that pops off the disc. Truly, it is the time of siesta in the summer, when you lock yourself inside the house and you are away from the eyes of others. Today as we’re showing what we do on the network all the time, there’s something honest in that moment of locking down, because we do what really defines us, even when it’s doing nothing. In my case, he was always making music and trying to improve as a singer and performer.

-Did the recording plan change due to the pandemic?

-Like almost all of my solo works, we recorded the album in our home studio. Over time I understood that this is the place that blends best with my songs. I live in PH with very high ceilings and although I have a one-room studio, I usually take over the rest of the house for recording. Play with the environment and give each instrument the space it needs.

– Took home!

Martin Elizabeth.  Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

Martin Elizabeth. Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

-Yes. Drums in the living room, next to the library, next to the bass and piano. Guitars and vocals Where I have my own studio. Few guests in the room. So. I am fascinated by this dynamic. It helps me be more involved and more creative in putting the songs together. When you go into a studio, there are times when you do everything in a hurry, and if there’s something I don’t want to do, it’s releasing records in a hurry.

new album sound

– What sound were you looking for?

-In this album we do a lot of work on aesthetics. We want it to be a classic and modern album. that sound reveals the landscape of the great piano man from the 70s, such as Randy Newman, Elton John, Warren Zevon and many others, but that the production also included more current elements. We didn’t want to make an album that would imitate an era, but rather reinterpret it.

-Axis is piano.

-Yes. There are ten songs that revolve around piano and talk about a variety of topics, usually driven by primary emotions, such as fear, friendship, drug addiction, coexistence, parenthood and the passage of time. It is a shiny and destructive disc.

Martin Elizabeth.  Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

Martin Elizabeth. Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

-How did the timing of the pandemic affect these issues?

I tried not to get into the song. Don’t talk about it or keep a diary of something so dense and monotheistic. If you can’t physically go out, you’ll go out with the album stories, because you can always travel with the songs. For example dude, which was the first single, talks about going out on the town at a time when going out was outright a crime. And there are many such cases.

stage with false prophets

-How do you put the whole time of false prophets in perspective?

The years we lived together were wonderful. We all learned a lot. Having a band as a teen is the best thing that could happen to you. You share many things about growing up, but with music, you always get a different emotional perspective on things. Bands are a great place for brawling and training.

False prophet.

False prophet.

– Is there any possibility to meet informally as well?

– A few years back, we did a couple of vocals. I think at some point we’ll do it again. I don’t think we have the energy to try something new again, but getting together to play a couple of times is something that has always been a secret. Everyone is there with their belongings. I am very focused on my career, and I have put all my energy there. And boys too.

-And what balance do you strike these 12 years as a solo artist?

I will divide these twelve years into two phases. The first is one of the first two solo albums, which came in parallel with the previous two albums by Fallos Prophetes, and the second phase, which began with La distensia perfecta, an album I released in 2015, now for the prophets. without and that this is the first with formation with me so far. Being a solo artist gives you a lot of freedom, and it also makes you a little more responsible in the decisions you make.

What was the hardest part of getting started as a solo artist? Was it starting from scratch?

I would say it was not a difficult decision. It was already maturing in the final stages of the band. I knew I wanted to be more involved in production and sound. since shower Productions are mine until the last album, and when I grew up it was a real quest to find that it was something I was passionate about. In other words, it wasn’t just about trying to make good songs, but building them up and eventually mixing them, as on the previous album.

I understood that each step in the chain of building a song allows you to be creative and keep adding or removing elements to a song until the very last minute. It was a wonderful discovery and it re-energized me, as if I were eighteen again.

Martin Elizabeth.  Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

Martin Elizabeth. Photo courtesy Philippe Calone.

independent productionI

-How do you view the current panorama for a freelance artist? Is it as difficult, easy or more complicated as before?

I find it wonderful that such young actors have the detail that they have. Being twenty is not easy and all eyes are on you, because it must be an age where you can make mistakes, play games, make mistakes in your favor to see where an idea ends. it happens. Sometimes I feel it’s too much pressure for them, but on the other hand I see they play it with an amazing naturalness.

As far as freedom is concerned, that’s the only area I’m aware of. One of the best things I did twelve years ago, and thanks to Echo Astol’s insistence, was to set up my own studio at home. I did it little by little, first a small insert to connect to the computer, then a microphone, and so on. I knew I always wanted to make songs, so I had to learn to compose, record, mix them.

A studio, a producer, an engineer, and everything you need to make a record is very expensive, and naturally puts brakes on the rhythm of your composition. Learning how to do it all arose as a self-management need and became a creative necessity. I love the whole universe that surrounds the songs, and I still have a lot to discover and learn. That’s where we are.

INFO: Martin Elisalde will perform on Thursday 23rd in Lucille, Gorritti 5520.


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