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‘Martin’ cast reflects on long-lasting legacy: ‘It was like catching lightning in a bottle’ (EXCLUSIVE)

It’s been 25 years since the cast of Martin The last time they came together on TV screens, but their chemistry did not go away. Ahead of the show’s long-awaited reunion, ET sat down with four actors who brought the iconic comedy of the ’90s to life, including Martin Lawrence, Tisha Campbell, Tichina Arnold, and Carl Anthony Payne II.

The upcoming special celebrating the 30th anniversary of the beloved show stars four mainstays, which bring the actors back to the iconic living room set. The stars look back on the show’s most hilarious moments and give fans an intimate look at what it was like filming a phenomenal five seasons.

The special will also include musical performances and performances from celebrity superfans such as Snoop Dogg, Brian McKnight, L’Andrea Johnson, Reginald Ballard, Tracy Morgan, Tommy Davidson, Marla Gibbs and Sean Lampkin.

“It was really surreal, it was so nostalgic,” Campbell said of the gathering on the recreated set. “The first thing I noticed was the color of the cabinets because they got that right. And the refrigerator! So it was like… really real.”

Lawrence concurred with his former TV wife, saying it was “wonderful” to be back. “Looks like we’re about to go back to work again,” he joked.

bad boys The actor considered developing the show, noting that he was not trying to change the face of TV. He was just “trying to make the show a success.”

“We were adding characters and doing everything we could to try to make it work. And I had such a hell of a cast, they could play me,” he recalled. “I always like to say that they were actors. They were experienced. If you looked at my first year, I didn’t feel like I was good as an actor, but I had comedy chops. And I thought That Main Kya Hoon brought with my comedy, I helped him with his comedy as well, because it brought out his stuff.”

Campbell said Lawrence is “a bit humble”, comparing him to Milton Berle, the first major American TV star known as “Mr.

“He played all these different characters that only he could do, and just watching them is almost poetic,” she said. “You never know what you’re going to get.”

Arnold said the cast would watch the crew to see what jokes were landing. “If the cameramen laugh, we’ll laugh,” she said, with Campbell in her “if [the crew] No, we had to fix it.”

Campbell said, “I think after doing this there were moments in time that would help me understand the impact that culture was having. But while we were doing it, I don’t think we really realized.” “I remember the first time we heard people [putting their hands in people’s faces] in the streets. And Martin and I were like, ‘Someone’s going to cut his hand. Why would they do this? It’s just TV!'”

Fans have wondered whether the cast will ever return for a reboot or revival of the series, but Foursome hasn’t had a concrete answer. He explained that no return would ever be the same without his late co-star, Tommy Ford, who played Thomas “Tommy” Stron throughout the series and died in October 2016.

,Martin It would never happen without Tommy,” Arnold said. Lawrence echoed the sentiment, “What we had was like catching lightning in a bottle. And without Tommy, as you said, it wouldn’t be like that.”

If they reconnect, the cast considered turning to animation rather than live-action. But even with that thought, the issue would be everyone getting on the same wavelength. As Campbell explained, “We had to mix our schedules together because everyone – thank goodness – is still working.”

But fans shouldn’t be overly disappointed! Lawrence said he would “never say never.”

“Just watching [how] Things last forever, I guess we don’t have to do it all over again,” concluded Arnold. “It’s living forever.”

Martin: The Reunion The premiere will be on BETA+ on June 16. The series is available to stream on BET+ and HBO Max.

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