Martin Bashir resigned from BBC amid investigation for Princess Diana interview

Journalist Martin Bashir, who worked for the BBC, resigned in the middle of an investigation over an interview he conducted with Princess Diana.

And it is that, since it took place, the interview became controversial due to the statements of Lady DiHowever, recently the interview began to be investigated, after allegations that Bashir had pressured and manipulated the princess into giving those answers.

The signs say that Bashir used dishonest tactics to land the famous 1995 interview with the Princess of Wales.

The news that Martin Bashir, who interviewed Princess Diana, resigned was released by Jonathan Munro, the BBC’s deputy news editor, who informed his colleagues, via email, that Bashir had resigned from his post as editor.

He made his decision known to us last month, just before he was readmitted to the hospital for another surgical procedure on his heart.

Although he underwent major surgery late last year, he faces some ongoing problems and has decided to focus on his health, ”Munro said.

According to the BBC, the resignation would not be related to the Princess Diana interview, as Bashir was recovering from heart surgery and complications from coronavirus.

Let us remember that in the famous interview, Lady Di spoke about the infidelity of Prince Charles, as well as the bulimia he had suffered.

The 1995 interview was acclaimed at the time and catapulted Bashir to international fame, however, 6 months ago the BBC appointed a former judge to investigate Bashir’s manipulation allegations.

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