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Martha Stewart Tests Positive for COVID-19, Is ‘Heartbroken’ to Miss Hosting Event

Martha Stewart has tested positive for COVID-19. The lifestyle guru and media mogul shared the news on Instagram on Tuesday evening.

Stewart wrote in the caption of a video, “This evening, I plan to host a garden party at The Plaza on behalf of my favorite skincare line, @mariobadescu. But I’m sad to report that I’ve had a covid- tested positive for 19.” Showing part of the exhibit installed at the planned garden party.

Stewart, 80, told fans, “I feel fine but I stick to the rules and am aloof,” meaning she didn’t attend the ceremony as planned.

“I’m heartbroken to remember a celebration of over 50 years of amazing skincare and the launch of ‘The Martha Facial’ at their NYC flagship – a special offering of facials that have gotten me there for over forty years.” Is. !” He added. “I’m sure it will be a great event.”

In January 2021, Stewart took to social media to share that she had vaccinated for the coronavirus, and encouraged others to do the same.

actress on Monday Danger! Host Mayim Bialik announced that she has also tested positive for COVID-19 and took to Instagram to share an update on her condition and warn followers that the virus is “no joke.”

Check out the gallery below to learn more about the big-name stars who have gone public with their battle with COVID-19.

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