Home Entertainment Martha Higareda will have courtship with Louise Howes (Photo)

Martha Higareda will have courtship with Louise Howes (Photo)

Martha Higareda will have courtship with Louise Howes (Photo)

Martha Higareda participated in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) together to Justin Wren Lewis Howes, the ex-boyfriend of Yanet Garcia, the so-called “girl of the weather”.

Alleged relationship between American author and “Weather Girl” This ended in Louise’s jealousy of Yanett’s OnlyFans account.

Some media claim that Howes was upset because his girlfriend “showed her private parts” with strangers on the Internet.

Martha Higareda to comfort Louise Howard

It is believed that Koch was jealous of users who demanded that the model appear naked, in addition to emphasizing that there was no financial need to be on that platform.

The duel seems to have come to an end for Lewis because of their meeting to witness a fight between former football players Poirier and McGregor. He was too close to Martha Higareda to spread rumors about a romantic relationship at the door.

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In a photo taken during the event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Louise appears very affectionate with Martha Higareda, as he hugs her from behind. Which seems pretty reliable.

“Congratulations @dustinpoirier on #UFC264!What a wonderful career you have had my friend! You keep accumulating meaning and reason for your struggles and life’s purpose to make a difference through @thegoodfightfoundation,” Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren wrote in his post on Instagram.

The photo is “stolen” Martha and Lewis

However, it was not all members of the description or photo, but but The shot-stealers were the “Immort Hearts” actress and former soccer player. Rather be in a position to compromise.

Rumors started about a possible courtship between Martha Higareda and Louise Howes, Because neither of them is in a relationship at the moment.