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Martha Figueroa suffered a car accident due to a driver who was drunk

Martha assured that the accusations mean moral damage to her son (Photo: Instagram @figuerolas)

Martha Figueroa is one of the most important show hosts in the Mexican industry and, on this occasion, she denounced a car accident he suffered in Mexico City.

It was through your account Twitter where the famous requested help from the capital authorities and remarked that she had been waiting for help for a long time, but had not had any positive response.

“A patrol is urgent. RT. I was hit hard by a drunk with no insurance, no license @GNPSeguros does not resolve @AlcaldíaMHmx I have been here for three hours. Viaduct between patriotism and Mining for the airport”, wrote the famous in a desperate act to get help.

Faced with this situation and, a few minutes later, the Contact Unit of the Secretary of the Secretariat for Citizen Security (SSC) and the Commission on Citizen Security of the Miguel Hidalgo Mayor’s Office made their appearance on networks to provide attention to the famous.

“Good afternoon @MarthaFigueroaxwe coordinate support in the location you indicate. Please send us MD to follow up on your report. #BlindarMH”, it reads.

Likewise, the CDMX SSC informed the presenter that they would send her more information about her case through her private message box.

“Good evening @MarthaFigueroax, police officer of #TránsitoGCDMX go to the place for the corresponding attention. We continue with the attention via Direct Message”.

The competent authorities also reported that the capital’s security elements arrived at the accident site and the pertinent measures were taken.

“In response to your report, the #TransitoGCDMX police attend the place and provides support in vehicle mishaps, reaching an agreement between individuals, likewise a security and mobility device is implemented to free the road, ”wrote the SSC.

The authorities came to help the famous (Photo: Twitter)
The authorities came to help the famous (Photo: Twitter)

The reactions from Internet users were immediate and several of them asked the artist if she was okay after everything that had happened.

Martha, are you alright? did they solve anything for you? I hope so and although a little late, happy saint. “Are you okay Martha?”. “And then what happened?” Were some of the comments.

It should be noted that so far, Figueroa has not given more statements about itnor did he report whether he is okay after the car mishap.

Martha Figueroa attacked Gustavo Adolfo Infante

It should be remembered that Martha Figueroa is usually in the public eye not only because of her conduct on show programs, but also because of her controversial opinions.

It was so recently that he did not hesitate to rant against Gustavo Adolfo Infante during the program Excuse meafter pointing out that he is not a person to his liking.

Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Martha Figueroa are show hosts (Photos: Instagram)
Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Martha Figueroa are show hosts (Photos: Instagram)

Nobody has empathy with Gustavo Adolfo InfanteMartha began to say.

Given the crudeness of his comment, Figueroa did not apologize and even pointed out that this was not a secret.

“Sorry. Or are we going to tell lies or what? Nobody gets along with him, he doesn’t get along with anyone. He does not like anyone, he does not love anyone, “he said.

In this sense, gherkin Origel decided to intervene for Gustavo Adolfo and clarified that he did have a good relationship with the driver. First hand.

I get along well with him and Vero (Cuevas), the wife, I love her too, “said the former driver of Ear.

To this, Martha pointed out that she also had a cordial relationship with Infante’s partner, but that did not warrant a comparison.

I like her perfectly, but don’t mix the tofu with the sushi”, he asserted.


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