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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Martha Debayle is criticized for mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II: “my daughter said it was her grandmother”

The The death of Queen Elizabeth II has mourned the entire world. Politicians, users of social networks and celebrities from the world of entertainment have reacted. Nevertheless, some characters have given a lot to talk about because of the way they reacted. Such as Martha Debayle, who in the midst of tears reacted to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

It was during his radio show where Martha Debayle was shocked by the death of Queen Elizabeth II. He expressed that, in the same way, his daughter was wrong, because as a child she thought she was her grandmother.

“But I feel that for all of us who grew up watching Queen Elizabeth… my daughter spoke to me right now crying, because she said it was her grandmother. But she is very moving, because she is a historical figure, a figure that we live in our time. She was one of the most important queens of all time and… Well, today she is no longer there. Now for all the English who listen to this program, wherever they are, we send our deepest condolences. God save the Queen”, expressed Martha Debayle moved.

After her message, they did not forgive on social networks and began to criticize the famous. Some pointed out that it was unreal that the daughter of the famous thought that Queen Elizabeth II was like her sister. While others mocked her sending a message to the British.

“What a privilege to be the daughter of Martha Debayle and that Queen Elizabeth is her grandmother”; “I thought she was the only pathetic one”; “Martha Debayle having screwed up a steak with Worcestershire sauce does not mean that English blood runs through your veins”; “I wanted to make fun of Martha Debayle crying over the death of Queen Elizabeth on her podcast but I remembered that I cried for John Paul II when he died as if my grandpa weyyyy had died”; “If Martha Debayle wants to cry over the death of Queen Elizabeth, how does it affect them? There are people who cried for Carmelita Salinas and nobody said anything to them. How many resentful haters are there on Twitter, what horror”; “Hahahaha crying for Queen Elizabeth is the most”; “The British of: I don’t even find you”, she reads between the reactions.


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