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‘Married to Medicine’ star Dr. Heavenly Kims ‘Blindsided’ by Feud with Dr. Contessa Metcalf (exclusive)

“If you make me your story, I Happen Your story,” Dr. Heavenly Kimes tells ET over video chat. marriage to medicine on Sunday.

The season premiere focused primarily on Heavenly’s feud with castmate Dr. Contessa Metcalf, a feud that “blinds” Heavenly.

“The last time I spoke to Contessa was two weeks before we started filming,” Heavenly recalls. “Actually, she came to my daughter’s birthday party. We have pictures, we’re laughing at it. She gives me a kiss. At the time of filming, she’s texting me, telling me she Loves me. I am her didi. We don’t want to argue. But then, watch the show…”

Contessa claims that her issue with Heavenly lies in Heavenly’s online dealings. “Heavenly talks about us like dogs on his social media channel,” Contessa shares at the premiere. “Heaven called my marriage ‘fake’, not only that [my husband] Scott ‘disrespects me,’ but he is disrespectful. I mean, where does the humiliation end and where does the friendship begin?”

those comments to come from the context of Contessa A livestream Heavenly did on YouTube More than a year ago, in which a fan asked Heavenly if she believed Contessa was in an abusive marriage. Late replied, “Verbally, emotionally? Yeah. I think it’s so confusing because, you know, you see a thing on Instagram, or you see a thing on shows, but I know… I don’t want to speak too much, y’all.”

“I really hope they can fix things,” she continued. “We know Scott doesn’t always tell the truth, seemingly. I mean, let’s be real. He’s not telling the truth! Come on now! I can deal with a lot of things, I really can. I Really can. As a wife and a mother you deal with a lot of things in your marriage. … I can’t deal with the gross disrespect. And I think it’s happening here. … I think she’s having a hard time.”

“If you watch my YouTube, I only upvoted him,” Heavenly explained to ET. “She took a small piece and ran with it. They asked me, because Contessa wouldn’t speak at the reunion. She didn’t say anything. I’m sitting there, pretty black woman, educated, well spoken, just everything But, she sat on one side. It was almost as if she was too scared to speak.”

Heavenly is talking about a season 8 reunion, in which Quaid Webb reveals that Contessa filed for a legal separation from her husband, the first step toward divorce. Quaid shuts down Scott by sharing that news, leading to an emotional on-stage confrontation that seemed to seal the couple’s fate.

“We can’t act like last year,” says Late. “She asked Quaid to speak for her. Quad spilled all her tea. They had everything that was going on in her life. She was filing for divorce, it all happened. Back to my YouTube” Come on, people asked me, ‘Was she being abused?’ Physically, no. No. I’m dispelling that rumor. No. Emotionally, verbally, you saw it on TV! So don’t pretend I put it there. No. It happened.”

Once Heavenly caught wind that Contessa was upset with her, she read the situation as anger in the wrong direction. Because Contessa chose to stay with Scott, Heavenly believes that Contessa’s frustrations with her husband were projected on their friendship.

“If she had moved on with the divorce, she would have gone ahead with the things she said she was going through, she wouldn’t have bothered,” Heavenly Conjecture. “The upsetting part is when she stayed.”

“I said, ‘Contessa, if you’re going to stay, can I give you some relationship advice?’ I always ask. I asked. He said, ‘Yeah, heavenly, help me,'” she remembers. “Now mind you, we’re crying on the phone. She’s been on the phone telling me for hours. I know all her tea. I’ve never exposed anything she hasn’t said on TV. I told her , ‘Listen. If you’re going to stay close f**k up, because you look ignorant by being with that guy. So if you’re going to be with him anyway, shut up. Stop humiliating him. His Upvote.’ And then she took all my advice — didn’t even pay me! — took it, used it, and then got mad at me. I still don’t understand what happened.”

Dr. Contessa Meltcalf's husband, Scott, confronts her onstage at the Married to Medicine season 8 reunion

Contessa’s issues with Heavenly quickly emerged in the group drama, with many women questioning Heavenly’s commitment to the group. They label her as spoiled, careless, careless and claim that she treats friends as enemies.

“The person I probably apologize to for my vlogs is Toya [Bush-Harris],” admits Heavenly. “But again, I only spoke the truth.”

Heavenly made several comments on his YouTube channel about Toya’s financial situation, questioning whether he was having money troubles and looking into why Toya had to sell his “dream house” so quickly. Women in such unfiltered commentary about their co-stars believe that Heavenly prioritizes clicks and likes over friendship.

“That’s not true at all,” Heavenly fires back. “I love speaking up, and if we’re going to do a vlog, I probably shouldn’t eat where I eat. Maybe I do. However, if you put it on TV, people talk about it.” And believe me, I’m not the only one talking. Trust me, if I said anything – I’ve had this conversation with Jackie. [Walters]i’ve had it with simone [Whitmore], I’ve had it with quads. I have had this conversation. So don’t act like I’m the only one to speak on this. You put it there for people to speak.”

Late explains that it was Scott who first exposed the relationship issues to the public, revealing DMs (on camera) he got women to send him flirty pictures. “If your man didn’t show us a text and said, ‘Oh, she looks good…'” she noted. “We don’t know. We didn’t know of a life coach. Did you have one, didn’t you have one?”

“I was so hurt,” says Late about being bitten by Contessa. “I really was, because he was my friend. I’d go to U-Haul with him and take away all his stuff. I would have done that. I’m that kind of friend.”

“I’m the kind of dude that if you ask me a question, I’m going to tell the truth,” she adds. “If you don’t want the truth, I’m not that girl. I’m not that girl, and you have to decide whether or not we can be friends, because I don’t think I’m going to change. And pity me.” I cried with you. I’ve given you great advice.”

The cast of 'Married to Medicine' season 8.
Quantrell Colbert / Bravo

Heavenly says that Contessa “twisted” her advice and used it against her, which only further divides them. As she tells Jackie in the trailer for the season, she’s not sure the friendship can be repaired. That moment comes after the women attempt to intervene for seemingly heavenly behavior, which Quaid labels an “ambush”.

“It wasn’t about being heavenly, it was about find Heavenly,” she says.

“It doesn’t end well,” teases Heavenly Intervention’s attempt. “Needless to say… you already know.”

Late claims that Contessa teamed up with Toya to try to knock him down, something that he finds ironic, given that Contessa wasn’t exactly a Toya fan, before they began shooting Season 9.

“I think some things and the way they were done were snakeskin’s way of doing things,” she says. “If you watch my full YouTube video, you can see that I did nothing but uplift [Contessa], Now Toya, I tore her up! However, Contessa was over there and got him a **up . was tearing with Me.”

“That was the only reason I met Toya…she was the only person she felt could turn against me, because we both said a lot about Toya,” she continues.

Heavenly describes her and Contessa’s journey as a “roller coaster”.

“I didn’t do anything to a woman she didn’t already know. I said what was said on TV,” she repeats. “I never uncovered anything that wasn’t said on TV by his partner. So mad at me or mad at the person who did it? I just don’t know. But I said on my vlog, ‘Me Let’s be very careful because I know women, and they’ll go back to their man and get mad at the woman for answering a question, ‘And I told it existed. And that’s exactly what happened. Now is he really Was it crazy? I don’t know. I mean, it appeared like this. But if it wasn’t it was one hell of a story, so I don’t know.”

While Heavenly isn’t expected to re-live the drama with Contessa (though she notes that she can “take a hit” better than any of her co-stars), there are plenty of parts of Season 9 for viewers to watch. are excited.

“The growth of my family, we show heavenly beauty supplies,” she quips, “the growth of all my friendships. Me and Quaid, we have very little disputes, but I love her. She’s my sister, and she One is real. She comes back and talks to me like a real woman if she has a problem with me. are against and try to make them come against me. I don’t respect such things. If you have any problem with me, talk to me and I will explain it.”

There is one person she won’t tell about certain behaviors, though: her husband, Dr. Damon (aka “Daddy”). Seasons show Heavenly lived its best life with a group of male dancers on a cast trip to Las Vegas.

“Dad doesn’t know!” she shouts. “He hasn’t seen that clip. Oh yeah, and if Andy Cohen doesn’t show it, he’ll never see it, okay? I was having a good time. We were drinking. He called me Queen of the Night.” made up, and I just played along. You know what I’m saying? I only have eyes for one man and one man – and I’ve only been with one man – and we were just having fun. It was very superficial.”

marriage to medicine Season 9 premieres Sunday, July 10 at 9:15 p.m. ET/PT followed by a brand new episode real housewives of atlanta,

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