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Marley’s new formula for streaming

Marley's new formula for streaming

At this stage of TV and the wide audiovisual spectrum, it can be said that Marley has already become a summer classic. Chosen to conduct different formats of games and entertainment, especially on Telefe’s summer nights, now make the leap to streaming, to be the presenter of Volunteers: everything is for science, which premieres January 5 on Disney +.

Original National Geographic production, the first season consists of four episodes that aim to decipher questions of everyday life, from different experiments. All protected by the pseudo naivety and playful clumsiness of the driver, who will be the one who guides the guests through the different challenges.

Made by the production company Non Stop, the series seeks to decipher certain “daily mysteries” of which perhaps there are more myths than certainties. And, from there, invite the audience to witness how the body reacts to each experiment involving several familiar faces.

The Series Will Also Show Marley Testing Himself In The Various Experiments.  Photo: Disney

The series will also show Marley testing himself in the various experiments. Photo: Disney

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Marley will be accompanied by a team of volunteers, made up of Micaela Lapegüe (daughter of Sergio, journalist from TN and El Trece), Armando Álvarez, Camilo Pugliato, Esteban Mascó and Angietta Rodriguez, who dare to be part of the televised tests, all in a humorous frame.

This selection of young people that Marley technically directs is made up of influencers, such as the 25-year-old Colombian Pugliato: since 2016 He has his own YouTube channel, from where he shares his anecdote, his thoughts, his views on various topics.

The Argentine Mascó, also very active in the networks, joined the hosts of Cirque du Soleil and surprised the Argentine public with his physical dexterity and his histrionics on the dance floor. Dancing 2019.

Another character who will bring pepper to the experiments is the Colombian Angietta, a young woman who defines herself as “very open-minded”, a very media character in her country and well known in much of Latin America.

Some of the questions that will act as triggers in these first four installments will be, for example: Why are some sounds more annoying than others? How cold can humans take? Why does it hurt so much to pull a hair out of your nose?

Beyond the humorous format, it is clear that it is a recommended cycle for those over 14 years old, not to promote this type of experiment among children.

For This National Geographic Production, Marley Surrounded Himself With Several Influencers.  Photo: Disney

For this National Geographic production, Marley surrounded himself with several influencers. Photo: Disney

The Disney + statement clarifies that “with elements of reality show, and a unique combination of science, adventure and humor which appeals to audiences over 14 years of age, the new series stimulates curiosity, promotes exploration and awakens interest in science from a fun and everyday perspective ”.

Although the first season of 4 episodes (of 20 minutes each) will be available on the first Wednesday of the year, As of January 19, the experiments in short format will be uploaded to Disney +. Directed by Pablo Romero, Volunteers: all for science It was recorded in Buenos Aires, in a laboratory specially set up for filming.

The second part, also four episodes, has no release date yet.

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