Home Entertainment Mark Hamill sees ‘apocalypse signs’ in Pemex fire

Mark Hamill sees ‘apocalypse signs’ in Pemex fire

Mark Hamill sees 'apocalypse signs' in Pemex fire

IMAGES OF MEXICO CITY.- fire in submarine pipeline Near a stage at Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex), On campeche, not only Mexican netizens but also surprised mark hamley, which treated the images as an apocalypse sign.

he explains Luke Skywalker in the story of “Star Wars”shared a video showing a fire on the surface of the region’s waters after an underwater gas pipeline ruptured in the Gulf of Mexico.

If that’s not a sure sign of the apocalypse, I don’t know what is“, it read in the actor’s message 69 years.

In response to this message, many netizens believed that in fact, humanity has acted badly in recent years and this has led to a decline in the quality of life on Earth.

What happened in the Pemex area of ​​Campeche?

Pemex said it had dispatched fire control boats to douse the fire, and claimed that no one was injured in the oil field incident. Ku Maloob-Zaap.

The leak recorded at dawn on Friday was approx. 150 meters of an oil rig. The company said it has controlled the gas leak to some extent five hours later.

But as a result of an accident funny image of flames between the waters of the Gulf of Mexico; It is currently unknown how much environmental damage was caused by the gas leak and marine fireballs.

miyoko sakashitaThe Director of the Oceans Program at the Center for Biological Diversity wrote that “the terrifying images of the Gulf of Mexico They are showing the world that offshore drilling is dirty and dangerous“.

“If we don’t end offshore evacuations once and for all, these terrible accidents will continue to plague the Gulf,” Sakashita said.