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Mario Martínez, guitarist and founder of Spanish group La Union, has died

Mario Martínez, guitarist and founder of Spanish group La Union, has died

spanish guitarist Mario Martinez, founder of the pop group La UnionHe passed away this Sunday after fighting cancer for more than six years. He was 60 years old.

“Friends, today is a very sad day for La Union. Mario Martínez, a key player in our history, partner and producer of great moments and songs, has left us after a long struggle. My full support and to his family.” Deepest condolences. Fly high Mario. DEP”.

The message was shared by La Union on its official Instagram and Twitter accounts – along with a photo of a young Martinez – New Wave Band announced the death of one of its founding members and guitarists.

Martinez was diagnosed Laryngeal cancer in 2015, a fact that forced him to resign from the band Madrid. La Union began its career in late 1982, when, in addition to Martínez, it was composed of vocalist Rafa Sánchez, bassist Luis Bolín and keyboardist nigo Zabala.

Since then, as the group’s official biography tells, they have sold over three million records – In 2006 he received a double diamond disc for his recording career – with pop and funk music with romantic, literary and cinematographic influences.

singer’s dedication

Rafael SanchezThe singer from La Unone, who left the group in 2020, told Efe agency that Martinez was “like a brother” to himIn addition to describing him as a “fun and ironic” person.

“We’ve had a great time, we’ve gone through high moments, not so high moments,” Sanchez said. He later defined it as “A player like Eric Clapton, bridge the gap”.

“Mario was not looking for virtue, but guitar arrangements. He has been one of the guitarists with the most joy when it comes to recording albums,” said the singer, who posted him on his social network. also fired.

Union gained global fame with their first single from 1984, "Wolf Man in Paris".

Union gained global fame with their first single from 1984, “Wolf Man in Paris”.

“It’s a sad day here on earth, but you’ll definitely have an excellent taste for jokes, laughs and exaggeration wherever you go,” he posted on Instagram. “I have loved you like a brother, Mario,” he concluded.

an announced farewell

Martinez left La Union in 2014, before declaring that he was suffering from this disease. “Cancer is like the ocean, you don’t have to be afraid of it, you have to respect it. I wanted to thank you for your expressions of affection and interest in these months in which I have been absent,” he said. said in a statement at the time.

“Let me also tell you that recently I have been diagnosed with laryngeal cancer Which I am already undergoing treatment for and it will keep me off the stage for some time.”

The musician dreamed of returning to the band as soon as he recovered. “It’s a long race in which I hope to get to the finish line as soon as possible to be with you all again.Aspirant.

La Union: more than 30 years of history

organization The 1980s and early 1990s were its most prolific and successful periods., It was in those years that he composed and recorded songs that became hymns in Spain.

In fact, one of his biggest hits was his debut single, wolf man in parisPresented in March 1984 in El Sol (Madrid) and which was preceded by their debut album months later, thousand silhouetteswhich had songs like sildavia,

his other great hits were among rare flowersof disc fuck time (1985); You Where were youfrom 4×4 (1987). they also managed sell multiple copies with disc living in the east of eden (1988).

La Union released that fourth studio album without Inigo Zabala, who had left the band. In addition, it was the first album in which the group took over production, After working with Nacho Cano on their first album.

At most You maracaibo They were some of the subjects of the Vivir al Este del Eden which reached number one in Spain. With Tentación, an album released in 1990, they continued to top the charts thanks to hits such as it’s a volcano either it was jealous, two years later it will be long distance trainTheir first live album that brought together their biggest hits.

Subsequent years would come experiments, where La Union sought to expand its boundaries and venture into more exotic genres for the band, such as psychedelia or soul. However, the new soundtrack did not receive the expected response.

They had a brief revival in the early 2000s, thanks to come back lovefirst single from the album ocean of fertility (2002), his eleventh studio work that recaptured the sound of the eighties from the start.

In 2014 they made a long tour of the show to celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary. Shortly after, Martinez left the trio. In 2017, Rafa Sánchez and Luis Bolín released another live album, Anthology. we are not alone,


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