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Mario Bezares responds to criticism for imitating Paco Stanley’s murder joke: “I’m not hurting anyone”

After mario bezares decided to imitate a joke of the hosts of the podcast the parrot about the day he died paco stanley – he is seen in a restaurant saying “Family, I am going to the bathroom”, to be immediately stopped by those close to him: “No, wait, we will follow you, we are going to the bathroom together” –, the driver responded to the criticism he received.

In an interview with the program First hand, Bezares said that “suddenly I saw a headline that was too aggressive, too sensationalist, saying: ‘Mario Bezares mocks the murder of Paco Stanley’, which I would never do, it was never such an issue”.

Mario Bezares imitates video of ‘La Cotorrisa’ about the murder of Paco Stanley

“I made fun of myselfof a situation that I went through that day of the murder, and it was not in El puddle of the frogs, it was in the King of the kid in Monterrey where the whole family was eating. And yes it makes me very aggressive that they say that I make fun of the murder of my friend”, added the driver.

Later, Mario commented that “all the standups and comedians make a joke and chatter about me by saying ‘If Mario goes to the bathroom, don’t come out,’ and we were just chattering and it occurred to me to say that, and my family took the wave and we did that parody that everyone uses to piss me off, you could say, because it is a lifelong urban joke”.


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“It is a situation that happened to me, that it was managed that I stayed in the bathroom while they executed it and it is not true; It was a situation that we both go into the bathroom, he goes out first and I stay because we are not robots to finish at the same time, and that is when all this happens. And that’s when that joke comes that everyone uses, “she stressed.

Bezares pointed out that the drivers of the parrot “Yes, they did it in El charco de las ranas. I made a mockery of myself in that situation.”

Today the haters and people are too touchy. Those are the controversies of social networks, they are things that people automatically take for better or for worse. I take it because opinions are worth it because I know who I am, my family knows who we are and that is why we dare to play with that situation. Yes, it was an unpleasant question, but after 23 years you break with that catharsis of saying: ‘I’m going to chatter with myself’”.

Finally, Mario Bezares said that “I’m not hurting anyone, I’m making a joke with myself, it’s black humor that I use, I’m just kicking myself, it’s a situation I went through, from which I was congested and was a victim of everything that happened. It was also an impressive pain for my whole family the hell I lived, that blessed God I have overcome it.


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