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Mario Bezares mocks the death of Paco Stanley; Paul ‘explodes’ against Bezares…

  • Paul Stanley ‘defends’ his father and ‘explodes’ against Bezares
  • This was the “joke” made by Mario Bezares that ended up “going wrong”
  • Paul expresses that he finds Mario Bezares ‘unpleasant’

Mario Bezares mocks the death of Paco Stanley. The tragic death of Paco Stanley has been a popular topic on social networks, this after several members of the program “La Cotorrisa” made a parody in the place where the driver was killed and referring to the controversial version of Mario Bezares , who was in the bathroom when Stanley was attacked with a gun.

After the video that divided opinions on social networks, “Mayito”, as the driver is known, decided to respond with a little humor and recreated the scene with his family, this and the comments that originated, did not please him. ‘ to many people. This was what happened.

Bezares ‘jokes’ with the death of Paco Stanley

Mario Bezares mocks the death of Paco Stanley

According to reports from El Universal, Bezares appears in the sketch with his entire family in the same restaurant where Stanley died, and at the moment he says “I’m going to the bathroom”, everyone stands up from their seats to tell him: ” No, wait. We all go together”.

Although many applauded that he can now joke about an event that was so traumatic in his life, for other people this action was considered a complete lack of respect, especially for the family of the disappeared Paco, so this has been a controversial and very discussed in the last few hours. Filed Under: Mario Bezares mocks Paco Stanley’s death

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