Marilyn Manson turned herself in to authorities after assault charges

The singer of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, Marilyn Manson, was the target of accusations of assault by some former partners and close collaborators, so his label and some sponsorships decided to cut their relationship with him.

One of the cases of aggression that stands out is an accident that he had against a reporter in August 2019 in New Hampshire, so she decided to file a lawsuit against Marilyn Manson.

Marilyn Manson never went to subpoenas in New Hampshire

Before the accusation, authorities of New Hampshire They cited the singer on several occasions, but Marilyn manson decided never to show up.

This order is effective from August 2019, but the singer has refused to return to that state despite the notifications.

Marilyn Manson turned herself in to authorities after assault charges

Now, according to the magazine People, Marilyn manson He decided to turn himself in to the police but was released after posting bail for the assault charges that were presented during the concert offered in New Hampshire, United States, in 2019.

The singer went to the Los Angeles Police Department, in the Hollywood division, after reaching an agreement with the Gilford Police Department in New Hampshire, for the crimes of assault.

There will be no interviews for the Marylin Manson case

Anthony Burpee, Gilford Police Chief, applauded the singer’s decision to accept his arrest warrant issued in 2019 and would not comment on the case.

So too, Marilyn manson He is in a legal dispute, because a former partner accused him of observing a video in which a follower of the singer is sexually assaulted and there is also an accusation of rape.

Is complaint was filed in Los Angeles, by a woman who decided not to reveal her identity but who stated that she had an affair with Brian Warner, the singer’s real name.