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Marilyn Manson: Testimonials describe what the “horror room” looked like

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magazine Rolling Stone revealed what the environment was like in the Brian Warner, better known as Marilyn meekn, subdued its victims, a place already mentioned by various women between February and May 2021.

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How was the “Bad Girls Room”?

Before it was a recording booth in an electronic music studio. It was soundproofed, which means there was no noise going in or out.

Women like the model Ashley Morgan or the actress Esmé Binco claims to have been raped, humiliated and even mutilated by the singer. Many agreed to have been in the called room “The Bad Girls’ Room”.

“There is a difference between waking up with someone who wants to have loving sex with you in the morning and waking up handcuffed with someone who has sex with your unconscious body,” Morgan told People magazine last May, assuring that Manson drugged her kept her awake and on one occasion he cut her in the womb and drank her blood, then forced her to do the same to him to make a blood pact.

Ryan Brown, a former assistant to Marilyn Manson with whom he worked for eight years, said he had never seen a woman locked up there, but the existence of this room was known to everyone.

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Everything was black in the room

The victims also describe the rest of the apartment as a somber place where everything was black from the walls to the bedclothes and the place was adorned with what appeared to be Nazi blood and symbols.

the credentials They reveal that it was terribly cold in this room because the singer liked to keep the temperature at 18 degrees Celsius and if someone else changed that, they would have outbursts of anger, so it was called a black refrigerator or meat cabinet.

Marilyn Manson denies the allegations

Both the artist’s lawyers and Manson himself have denied the victims’ claims and testimony, calling them simple attacks by the singer’s former partners.

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