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Maribel Guardia says that she paid thousands of pesos so that the reporter would not publish a photo, she still did it

Livia Brito continues in a legal dispute for having attacked the paparazzi who photographed her while she was on the beaches of Cancun, an episode that has led other celebrities to recall controversial episodes of their relationship with the press, such is the case of Maribel Guardiawho revealed that he paid thousands of pesos to a reporter not to publish a photo, but the deal did not work

In a meeting with various media, Maribel Guardia pointed out that any famous as a public figure You are exposed to photos or information coming to light that you would have preferred to keep private.

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“It is that also when we exhibit ourselves, we are public figures, I understand it perfectly. If you go to the beach in a bikini it is very likely that they will take a picture of you… I flat out didn’t go back to the beach because whenever I went, I don’t know where they went, I think they were diving or something.“said Maribel Guardia in front of the Eden Dorantes cameras.

He remembered that on one occasion he decided to spend some time on the beach thinking that there was no one around him; however, some reporter was hiding near her and they photographed her.

“One day I swear to you that I was alone, there was no one, it was almost six in the afternoon, and I said: ‘well, there’s no one’. He turned me around, bent me down for I don’t know what, they took a picture of my butt from the beach, that is, you say: ‘God, where was he?’, But no way if you go to the beach and show yourself off, you know that as a public figure you are exposed to having your picture taken.”

Maribel Guardia and her bad experience with a reporter

The 63-year-old actress mentioned that once she managed to see the paparazzi who captured images of her and asked her not to take them out, in exchange she paid her 2 thousand pesos, but she still published them.

“Once I did catch one (a reporter), but then I, being a good person, tell her: ‘my love, I know it’s your job, daddy, give me the little thing you have inside the camera’then he gives it to me and I say: ‘I’m going to give you 2 thousand pesos because I know that with that you support your family’, and I gave him the 2 thousand pesos, (he told me): ‘thank you, ma’am’, since the plaque he gave me was empty, he took the one with the photos, kept the 2 thousand pesos and published the photos. No, well, that’s the last straw!”

He noted that he is aware that it is the job of reporters to keep an eye on what celebrities are doing.

“I know that we all eat this and that we all feed our families, you with your work and I with mine, but in no way would I have done him a rude thing. In fact, the police said to me: ‘Hey, can we take away…?’ I did not take anything from his instrument of work, What? That’s what he lives for.”


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