Home Entertainment Mariana Gonzalez Responds to Rumor That She Was “El Buci”‘s Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Mariana Gonzalez Responds to Rumor That She Was “El Buci”‘s Boyfriend (VIDEO)

Mariana y el Buki

Vicente Fernandez Jr.’s girlfriend assured that she would sue the woman who accused him of kidnapping and murdering her former partner.

Guadalajara.- mariana gonzalezThe current girlfriend of Vicente Fernandez Jr., Lilia Yolanda, the businessman’s sister, responds to the statements of Ariola Perez Carlos Mauricio, Who was murdered in 2016 after being kidnapped for 13 days, and who apparently had an extramarital affair with what is also known as the “Mexican Kardashian”.

The businessman also talks about the murder and kidnapping charges, assuring that she will sue Lilia, as she has no proof of what she says and will only defame the model.

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In an interview with the program “Venga la Alegria”, mariana gonzalez This was said out of anger by the statements of the businessman’s sister, who was allegedly his passionate partner before the kidnapping and murder.

Don Vicente Fernandez’s son’s girlfriend also assured that will sue the woman Well, the allegations he has made against him, he has no way to prove it.

“I like that I’m not going to do it as gossip, as this woman (Lilia Ariola Perez) is doing and I have to verify every word he says, his lie; I’m waiting because i suedYes, I did everything as it should have been, not just getting up and saying ‘look what I think, what I say’. i’m going to make it legal”, explained Mariana Gonzalez.

Was he “Al Buqi”‘s boyfriend?

Regarding the alleged extramarital affair with singer Marco Antonio Solis, known as “El Buci”, the woman assured that this was a lie, and that test only That Lilia has to confirm such a thing is a photo she saw on her Instagram account and which she published with other celebrities like Ozuna or her brother-in-law Alejandro Fernandez.

Now it turns out that with “Al Buqi”. Did you know that everything is being shut down from my Instagram? all photos, but I was also with Ozuna at a concert, I was also with Visin and Yandel, I went to a pitbull concert, I went to see Alejandro with my sister-in-law and I took a photo with everyone So maybe I’ll go with them all,” Fernandez Jr.’s girlfriend said ironically.