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Mariana Echeverría was honest after the robbery of her house: “An exhausting process”

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The famous woman was tired of the legal process (Photo: Instagram/@marianaecheve)

At the end of July it transpired that the House of Mariana Echeverria and Oscar Franciscocurrent club America goalkeeperwas robbed. Given this, the driver of I fall from laughter He broke the silence and confirmed the facts, however, he denied that the residence was owned by Miguel Louse Blacksmith.

After the worrying events that the family experienced, during a recent interview for the program Today, Mariana spoke about how she is a few days away from the dangerous moment and reported how the investigations by the authorities are going.

what an exhausting processPublic Ministry, experts, Prosecutor’s Office… investigate invoices of what was stolen from you, it is very exhausting, apart from the fact that they rob you. I’m very tired and a little fed up, but I have to keep doing it and I’m going to raise my voice as far as I can, “he said.

Regarding the alleged perpetrators of the assault, Echeverría mentioned that he did not have much information about it, but explained that there were allegedly some irregularities in the building where he lives.

“I can’t point to someone, but everything indicates that the security did not comply with the protocols that they should followaccess to cars that should not be there… There was no roundabout without surveillance,” he said.

Regarding the first unofficial data that had been given, where supposedly the assault would have been 400 thousand pesos in cash, Mariana denied the information, but assured that the stolen things did reach approximately that figure.

“The sum of all material things rose a little more to those 400 thousand, in the safe there were rings, important watches for us”, he pointed out.

But, what really affected the famous was the home vulnerability and expressed that since the outrage he has had some emotional and physical problems derived from it.

They steal your tranquility, your peace, your everything. I haven’t slept for a week, that tranquility that you had to get home, to your zone of peace no longer exists. I changed locks, I put alarms, which is what I recommend you do before it happens to you, ”she assured.

It should be remembered that it was the journalist Carlos Jiménez who reported in the first instance about the robbery of the house of the artist and the footballer.

Mariana shared a statement on her social networks (IG @marianaecheve)
Mariana shared a statement on her social networks (IG @marianaecheve)

“THE HOUSE OF @MiguelHerreraDT is ASSAULTED in CDMX Thieves entered the house of El Piojo in @Alcaldia_Coy The address is rented to the goalkeeper of @ClubAmerica, @OscarFcoFabela1 The criminals opened a safe and took $400,000. The @SSC_CDMX and @FiscaliaCDMX investigate”, wrote the reporter on his Twitter account @c4jimenez.

Subsequently, Mariana Echeverría released a statement from her account Instagram to clarify the situation:

In recent days when I was outside of Mexico City, I had the misfortune that thieves entered my house and they stole various objects (…) In order not to obstruct the investigations that the authorities are carrying out, I have agreed to refrain from interviews. As soon as this situation is over, I will immediately resume my contact with you. I allow myself to clarify that this robbery was carried out at the address where we are renting and it is not the property of Mr. Miguel Herrera, just as it has been spread in various media, ”he wrote.


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