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Mariana Echeverría reacts to boos against ‘Grupo Firme’; This is how he lived the uncomfortable moment live: “I don’t understand”

firm group, famous regional Mexican group, is in controversy. This after he was booed during the halftime show of the San Francisco 49ers vs. Arizona Cardinals, game of the nfl Mexico 2022, in the Aztec stadium. The uncomfortable moment was lived live and in full color Mariana Echeverría, who showed her reaction on social networks.

It was through Instagram where Mariana Echeverría confirmed that Grupo Firme had been booed during half time.

Mariana Echeverria (Instagram).

Mariana Echeverria (Instagram).

“A comerciales”: The best memes of the presentation of Grupo Firme in the NFL game in Mexico

with a video, the host of Televisa announced that the Mexican fans were booing Eduin Caz’s group.

“We are at NFL halftime here at the Azteca stadium and they are booing Grupo Firme. But why? I don’t understand, ”said Mariana Echeverría, shocked by what she was witnessing.

Firm Group in the NFL |  Twitter

Firm Group in the NFL | Twitter

Likewise, he clarified that Grupo Firme sings well and questioned that they were booed:

“They sing well, why are they booed? I like it, ehhh, bravo ”, he pointed out.

Finally, in another Instagram story, he was shown singing the success of get over me Firm Group.

“We do enjoy…”, he pointed out.

What happened to Firm Group? That’s how they booed them

During the Grupo Firme show, boos were immediately heard, as several of them expressed their dissatisfaction for having been chosen to set the scene for Monday Night Football.

But the reactions were full of contrasts, since as soon as the group sang their hit “Ya Supérame” the entire stadium was heard singing in one voice, once it finished, the boos and even whistles returned.

During the performance of ‘Gracias’, the signs of displeasure continued and even mentions were thrown at those led by Eduin Caz.

This is the first time that a group or artist performs a halftime show presentation during an NFL game in Mexico, but everything indicates that the choice was not to the liking of the majority of those attending the Azteca Stadium, who prior to the game, some of them were interviewed in La Afición, where some were against it, since they were not the “target” of the event, although there were those who did want to listen to them.


Reference from www.milenio.com

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