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Mariana Echeverría denounces that thieves from her house entered without security registration

The actress Mariana Echeverria She denounced that the robbery of her home was carefully planned by someone who investigated her and knew that she was not there, nor was her husband. According to the actress, it was someone who noticed that she was on vacation while her husband, América goalkeeper Óscar Jiménez was on tour in San Francisco to play against European clubs.

In an interview for Gossipthe also host known for the program ‘I fall laughing’ clarified that the number of what was stolen, counting the things that were taken and money in a safe, exceeds 400 thousand pesos.

As she recalls, she called her husband after checking the security cameras remotely, which they were upside down and things were out of place. After this, she called her husband and informed him that they were assaulted.

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“Almost every day I go to the Public Ministry to talk to the lawyers to see what happened, the complaints, the Prosecutor’s Office; there are many tedious, overwhelming procedures. Still, after they rob you, you have to do all these types of procedures, which is very tiring. It’s very exhausting.”

However, the actress qualifies as the ‘worst’ is that he has lost his peace of mind in his own home: “someone comes up to you and you think they’re already on you…it’s horrible!”. And he clarifies that after an armed robbery: “I no longer live in peace, neither in my car, nor in my house (…). Crime has exceeded many things.”

Mariana Echeverría rules out service personnel as suspects;

After being questioned about possible suspects or the line of investigation, Mariana Echeverría clarifies that the service personnel with people of her wide confidenceand those who have already been investigated but were left out of suspicion: “they are people very close to me and the truth is that we have made a very good team,” he says.

On the other hand, he points out thatthe mistake was in (the security staff)“Well, according to the actress, the cameras in the subdivision where she lives show that they were not registered by the elements: “in the subdivision it is seen how the truck enters without anyone registering it; In my subdivision they ask you for identification, plates, which house you go to, who you go with (…) and that truck enters as ‘Juan through his house’, without any filter, “he assures. “There’s something weird there.“, he points out.

Eleven robberies in four months within his subdivision

distrust on the part of Mariana towards security is also encouraged that, denouncingthere were eleven robberies over two months within their subdivision: “This indicates that these (security) guys were in collusion in some way… it’s my thinking, I’m not pointing it out, it’s my idea of ​​how I’ve put this thing together.”

Eleven robberies in two months is crazy, mine was the biggest: mine with a truck, with people, with all the time in the world, with no one to give them the tour; it was super planned with time and everything“.

Mariana Echeverría assures that after her robbery they changed the elements and since then there have been no more robberies. Likewise, she reveals that the residents of the subdivision are seriously considering changing the company that provides the service: “the company is dedicated to security and it is the least we have had“.

Mariana Echeverría, will you move from Mexico?

Given the situation of insecurity, Echeverría assures that he loves Mexico, but she has considered leaving the country with her husband, but her whole life and work is in the capitaland especially the position as substitute goalkeeper for her husband’s Club América.

“Suddenly we would like to leave, but we also have to think and wait where my husband will play; and I speak for myself, the one who feels the most insecure is me… If the opportunity arises for my husband to go to the US or Europe, I will gladly go there, to see what work I do!“, he adds. “We have to learn to live like this (…) now I have shielded my house and everything.”


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