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Mariah Carey’s reaction is surprising when she sees Luis Miguel

Mariah Carey's reaction is surprising when she sees Luis Miguel

On social networks, they revive the video that shows Mariah Carey’s astonishment by watching her former song “With You a Distance”.

Mexico.- Mariaho tortoiseshell This Lewis Michael They had a relationship in 1998, despite the fact that the couple were always very much in love, their courtship ended. However, the singer has admitted that she has a lot of affection and admiration for “El Sol”. This can be verified in a Video That netizens revived.

This material has led to comments, as it is surprising that many assurances were devoted to her when Maria Outside sees Luis Miguel singing a song.

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Maria Carrie’s response to Luis Miguel’s interpretation is as follows

In Video Which was shared on YouTube, is shown as “cast of”We are together ” He watches the screen of a laptop, while in the background he hears Luis Miguel singing the song “Contigo a la Distensia”.

The singer look carefully Explanation of “Mickey” while the cameras capture how Maria shows a light smile and a skeptical glance at what she sees on screen.

After spending a few minutes, Mariaho tortoiseshell She was surprised Upon hearing “Voseron”.

In a special way It is unknown If it is not the product of the video version, although it sounds very real, so much so that many internet users are surprised by Maria’s alleged reaction and the words she says about “Mickey”:

“It was great, I want to see it again […] Yes dramatic ending […] This particular song is difficult, ”the singer can be heard saying in the video.

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