Mariah Carey blames Nick Cannon for not marrying the mothers of his other children – Watch

Mariah Carey had a rather fishy response about her ex Nick Cannon when an interviewer raised the five children Nick has with three other women.

No one is forbidden to Mariah careythe shadow of – not even her ex-husband, Nick canon. Mariah, 52, had her last epic shadow moment during an interview with Entertainment tonight about his upcoming Christmas plans, when the host Kevin Frazier brought up the topic of Nick’s five children he shares with three different women, in addition to his 10-year-old twins and Mariah, Monroe and Moroccan. “So let me ask you this: will any of their half-siblings enjoy Christmas?” your way? ”Kevin said to Mariah.“ Because it’s a special way. ”But Mariah didn’t give an exact answer and instead insisted that Kevin used the term“ step ”when referring to Monroe and Moroccan’s relationship with Nick’s other children.

“Is this a step? Mariah said. “I don’t think it’s a step. If you are not married to the person … I don’t know. I must love Mariah’s shadow! And technically the Christmas Queen is right: Nick didn’t get married Bell of Brittany, La Rosa Abbey, Where Alyssa scott, who are the women with whom he shares five of his seven children. So technically, Monroe and Moroccan are half-siblings of the other kids, not step-siblings. With Brittany, Nick has a son Golden, 4 years old and girl Powerful, 11 months. He is also the father of twins If we and Zillions, which he hosted last June with Abbey. Finally, Zen, her son and that of Alyssa, was born last July.

Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey
Nick Cannon & Brittany Bell with their son Golden (Photo: Shutterstock)

The Wild ‘n Out the star’s parentage has been a hot topic this year, to the point where Nick has had to defend having children with multiple wives. In August he said Tthe breakfast club host Charlamagne Tha Dieu that having children with one person seemed like an outdated concept. “It’s a Euro-centric concept when you think of ideas of like, you’re supposed to have that person for the rest of your life, and really it’s just to rank the property when you think about it,” he said. he declares. “These women, all women, are the ones who open up and say, ‘I would like to allow this man into my world. And I will give birth to this child. “

But more than a month after that interview, Nick revealed that he has no plans to have any more children – yet. “I’m not sitting here planning it. My therapist says I should be single, ”he said. Entertainment tonight. “Okay, give me a bus break.” I am [gonna] take a break from having children.

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