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Maria Shriver reunites with her Kennedy cousins ​​after nearly 2 years of separation – Photo

Maria Shriver & Caroline Kennedy

Maria Shriver said it was “so glorious” to reunite with her cousins ​​Caroline Kennedy and Sydney McKelvy over dinner and drinks at a New York restaurant.

Reunited and it feels good! Maria shriver, 66, had a family reunion with her cousins Caroline kennedy, 63, and Sydney McKlevy, 65, in New York this week, after being separated for nearly two years since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The three loved ones posed for a cute pic at their dinner party in the Big Apple, and Maria posted the photo to Instagram with a heartfelt message about the long-awaited reunion.

“These two! They are everything to me! Maria, the daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Sargent Shriver, writes about Caroline, president John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedythe last surviving child of, and Sydney, whose parents were Patricia kennedy lawford and Peter Lawford. “Last night here in the Big Apple, I was able to break bread and laugh out loud with my two cousins, @sydneylmck and @amb_kennedy,” added Maria. “I never had a sister, but these two made up for it. I have known them all my life. I hadn’t seen them since before covid – our longest time without seeing each other. ”

The NBC News reporter went on to say that it was “glorious” to find her cousins ​​and “not to skip a beat.” She added, “I left full, blessed and I hope we will meet again soon. Hope you have people in your life where you can pick up where you left off, who make you feel seen and safe, who love you no matter what you order or what you eat, who you just love! Nothing else in life comes close! #inspireheartsandminds. Maria’s daughter, Katherine Schwarzenegger Pratt, commented on the photo and noted how cousins ​​were like triplets at dinner. “Matching hair and outfits,” she wrote.

Maria Shriver And Caroline Kennedy
Maria Shriver and Caroline Kennedy (Photo: Steven Senne / AP / Shutterstock)

Maria, Caroline and Sydney all come from the famous Kennedy family. Maria and Sydney’s late mothers, Eunice and Patricia, were sisters of Caroline’s father, JFK. The late president and his sisters had six other siblings: Joseph jr kennedy, Rosemary kennedy, Kathleen kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Jean Kennedy, and Ted kennedy. All nine Kennedy children have passed away, with Jean being the most recent deceased on June 17, 2020.

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