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María León dedicated a song on WhatsApp to a fan’s ex-boyfriend

(Instagram photo: @sargentoleon – TikTokr capture: @dannozg)

María León is considered one of the pop performers with the greatest presence in the national music industry, not only because of her great vocal quality, but also because of the closeness she maintains with her fans. She thus she demonstrated it during a concert that she offered in the Durango National Fair 2022when a young woman who came on stage unexpectedly asked him to sing one of his hits for her ex-boyfriend.

Everything happened during the stellar presentation of María León in Durango, where she delighted the public with her new songs. From one moment to the next, she allowed a fan to go on stage without imagining the very special request that she would make of her. And it is that the young woman took advantage of her that she was selected by her favorite singer to dedicate a song to her ex through a phone call.

who was a vocalist limbo beach for just over 10 years he accepted unleashing the euphoria of those present. Quickly, the fan looked for the number of her ex and dialed it, but after several attempts they did not get an answer: “Do you want us to leave a mailbox? let it come in An audio of WhatsApp 18 minutes, of course. Well there’s a missed call”, commented the singer in a video recovered by a user of TikTok.

The interpreter of lose my respect She took advantage of the fact that her fan’s ex-boyfriend did not answer to question her about her pride and why she wanted to have that gesture with someone who had finished, she even dared to invite him a shot of mezcal. The attempts did not stop and finally they decided to record an audio: “Dennis, I’m María León, this is a message for you”.

The 36-year-old from Guadalajara sang A lost call -theme he recorded in collaboration with Leonen García- and closed with a “I love you”. Her gesture was well received among the attendees and social network users, who joked about the reaction the person who heard the audio would have had and asked for more information about the relationship between Alejandra and her ex.

The guy who received it: “Look, my ex Maria León left me a message””. “I want to know what happened next.” “I want to know, gossip breathes down my neck.” “Let him tell us what she answered him. Don’t leave us in doubt, please.” “What did the ex say, was he upset, did he like it or what?” “How beautiful and very simple my beautiful countrywoman sings.” “You always surprise me with super cool things”, were some reactions in TikTok.

Given so much insistence, Alejandra -the woman who went on stage- reappeared in the comments section and said that after about an hour her ex-partner replied, however, she did not share more details about it. María León enjoyed living with her fans and after her small intervention, she did not comment on anything else and continued with her concert.

María León set the networks on fire with her pole dance routine

For several years it has been known that the singer practices pole dance, in fact, he often shares videos or photos of his routines with his almost three million followers of Instagram and every time he does it breaks social networks. This time was no exception, because a few hours ago he joined the TBT with a clip he recorded when he had another look in the hair.

“Incredible”. “I’m dying”. “What a nice memory.” “I miss Maria with highlights.” “My respects, you are great”, were some reactions in his publication.

María León is not the only Mexican artist who practices pole dance, too Martha Higareda and Itatí Cantoral have tried.


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