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María Conchita Alonso attacks reggaeton: “There is the devil involved”

To the fight against the reggaeton of Mexican artists aleks sintek and Alberto Vázquez, now the singer joined Maria Conchita Alonso, Well, at a press conference, the Cuban-born said that in the songs of the Caribbean musical genre “the devil is involved.”

First, the performer of songs like caress me, make me feel Y Drinking night stated that currentlyWe are in a fight between good and evil.”

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“When I listen to such vulgar songs… because mine were never vulgar, they were sexual: they talked about playing, enjoying, but in a beautiful way, not disgusting,” the actress also commented.

So when I hear that, I’m like, ‘There’s the devil in there,’ really. They want to put into the children who listen to all these songs things that… Children have to be children, enjoy childhood”he added.

Then, María Conchita Alonso stated that “It makes me very sad to see these artists when they say those things and then see the little children moving and doing what we grown-ups do. So, I don’t agree with that kind of music because I don’t like vulgarity.”

“When a human being, a person, wants to be what they want to be, they have time to choose it, choose it and do it when they are older, when they are over 18 years old. But let children grow up enjoying their innocence”, the Cuban singer finally asked.


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