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Margarita Gralia, devastated by the death of Manuel Ojeda: “The first friend I had in Mexico”

The death of Manuel Ojeda surprised and saddened her friends in the acting world, for example: Maribel Guardia, Ana Martín, Eric del Castillo and Margaret Grace. He emphasizes that the latter attended the actor’s wake and there she was devastated before various media.

First, the native of Argentina told how she found out about Ojeda’s death: “At the time I was leaving for my rehearsal, I heard it on the radio that communicated from ANDA and It was a blow, like a blow because I did not expect it”.

Eric del Castillo reacts to the death of Manuel Ojeda: “An extraordinary companion”

Manuel was the first friend I had in Mexico; the first participation in a telenovela, 40 years ago, he was my gallant. He was my friend, I had no one here and it was like family, ”Gralia revealed.

Likewise, the actress recalled that the actor “made me a part of all his personal friends. When he got an invitation to do the movie he did with Michael Douglas, I organized a party to congratulate him.; I found out who his friends were with, I wanted to celebrate Manuel and I invited them. From that moment I participated in that group that grew, there was also Adriana (Roel), who has just left. It was a beautiful group, they are leaving.”

Margarita also recalled other moments that she lived with Ojeda: “I spent a month with him in Los Angeles, we did a comedy, I took a niece who was little and we took her to Disney, we walked. I did my first theater tour in Mexico with him. I met his land, La Paz, his mother, his daughter… Many indelible memories, part of my history in Mexico is with him”.

“His discretion, his elegance to live. .. They are people who (stand out for) their love of the profession and zero scandals, zero media, “concluded the actress about her friend.


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