Home Entertainment Margaret Cho shares what she thinks Bob Saget’s legacy will be (exclusive)

Margaret Cho shares what she thinks Bob Saget’s legacy will be (exclusive)

Margaret Cho shares what she thinks Bob Saget's legacy will be (exclusive)

Bob Saget died unexpectedly on Sunday at the age of 65. After Saget’s death, Hollywood comedy circles and his former co-stars paid tribute to the late comedian and actor whose memorable roles included Full house (and the consequence Fuller house), tell How I met your mother and host America’s funniest home videos. On Sunday evening the comedian Margaret Cho came to the shared on twitter Following news of his death that she had only seen him last week, Saget recalled in an exclusive interview with ET Kevin Frazier.

“I just couldn’t believe it. It was just so shocking. And it’s someone you can’t imagine, you know, and I’m still trying to figure out how that really affects me and the whole comedy, ”said how she felt when she first heard the news . “It’s really upsetting to lose someone like that [that] because he was such an active part of our communities. Because he was such a supportive part, because he was such a fan of comedy and was a great comedian at the same time … He was a very important, stable part of our foundation as a community and so it’s very upsetting. He was so young and looked very young to me too. I think he loved the art form. He loved performing, he loved other comedians. I think all of that really kept him very young and he was still a big player in the business. I feel like he had so much more to give in so many ways, and not just on camera [but] also behind the camera and as a director / producer. “

Cho announced that she saw Saget last week to record an upcoming episode of his podcast. There for her. She gave a sneak peek of the conversation they shared while recording the podcast.

“I was just on his podcast – that was a little less than a week ago,” she said. “I’m a long time fan, and you see someone who’s just been a constant in the comedy community and just a really great guy at Lockdowns and … I’m really in shock. I really don’t know how or what to say, although it is very, very difficult. “

The 53-year-old, who “grew up with him,” recalled Saget’s real “enthusiasm” for comedy.

“He has this incredible appreciation for the art form, and I think people have known him well since he appeared Full house and Fuller house and all those TV dad moments really don’t know how incredibly raunchy he was as a standup comedian, “she recalls.” Just a classic dark, difficult journey as a comic that you never really know. You can have one side, there are other sides to credit. But with Bob you have everything. You have this incredibly dirty comedy and then that incredibly sane side that it’s so interesting how that could be embodied in an artist and he was the one. “

When asked if she had a favorite role for Saget during his comedy career, Cho confessed that she liked “a lot of them”.

“He’s got an amazing job to look back on. And there are so many things, but it was just more the view that I loved, that everyone knew him as that very traditional father figure and it was really that other side that “I think it was just so compelling,” she explained. “So the luck is that he’s an artist that we have a lot of material to look back on and I think everyone should just enjoy that, to celebrate.”

Cho also admitted that the pandemic that curtailed many artists’ tour schedules forced comedians like her and Saget to re-prioritize what they enjoyed most. Saget, who was in the middle of a North American comedy tour at the time of his death, was due to end in late June.

“There are many hours alone. There are many hours of reflection, certainly in this pandemic. It was a great challenge because we are so used to going on stage as comedians every evening and experiencing this moment on stage. Bob talked about how hard it was, that he couldn’t do this that often and that he was just getting back into a new one [tour and] so excited, “she said, adding that” he was really excited to do that again. ”

As for Saget’s legacy, while Hollywood mourns Saget, Cho pondered a fond memory they shared years ago.

“He’s seen as someone who loved comedy as much as he was loved. And what a great thing,” she said. “What a great person and yeah, I’m just, I’m still really in shock. But I’m grateful for all the different times I got to audition with him – I was in the waiting room and he was with me. He helped me audition. He was [taking] the role of the little girl of a 9 year old. But he did it so seriously. How he uses his old Bob Saget [act] besides that, that 9 year old girl part was so funny. But he was. He was just naturally funny, naturally ridiculous. And it’s really sad. I will miss him very much. “

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