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Maren Morris Shares Why Her And Ryan Hurd’s Son Hayes Would Love A Musician (Exclusive) The Most

Maren Morris is a Grammy winning singer. Ryan Hurd is a hitmaker. Between them, he is an indelible force in country music. So, it may come as a surprise to some that they Don’t Wants his son to join the family business. But, as Morris admits, some things may be unavoidable.

The 32-year-old country singer offers ET’s Cassie DiLaura a glimpse of life on the road as she embarks on a five-month, 41-show trek on the Humble Quest Tour to not only be a traveling superstar, but a moving one. -Walking mom and her 2-year-old son, Hayes.

Morris, who gave birth to Hayes in March 2020 via emergency C-section after a 30-hour labor, almost always brings Hayes on the road with her, which is why she has tried her best to meet all of Hayes’ needs. The luxurious tour bus has been withdrawn. Stocking the fridge with your favorite foods and a drawer full of your toys (including a matching mini toy bus!)

Hayes wasn’t with Morris and Heard when ET spoke with them outside Radio City Music Hall in New York City, but his presence was certainly evident. And Hayes is totally in with the entire crew. In fact, Morris says that Hayes “knows the name of every crew and band member very well now because he has dropped out. [on the road] Too many.”

And, yes, hes already attached to the bus!

“The other day my nanny sent me a video of him crying and he was like, ‘Just, just, that’s it,'” Morris says, “and he thought he was getting on the bus. I was like, ‘Oh my god. ‘She’s already a road baby.'”

With this kind of parenting—and two musical powers on the back—you’ll Thinking Morris and Heard are concerned about raising their child on the road to life as a budding musician, but they’re really hoping he’ll follow some other path. How successful it will be remains to be seen, and it seems that Morris has resigned to the idea that Hayes would be anything but a musician.

“Oh, boy. My husband Ryan and I joke, we’re like, ‘I hope he’s an accountant, that he doesn’t end up in the music industry,'” she quips. “But he probably will.”

But if Hayes must follow in Mom and Dad’s footsteps, Morris jokes that it might be to his advantage.

“Maybe he could be in the band someday,” she says. “Maybe he’ll be my drummer or something and I won’t have to pay him that much.”

With Morris and Heard, who tied the knot in 2018, both on their respective tours (Heard joined on stage for a duet at Radio City Music Hall), it’s worth asking if they’re on the road and parents. How do you balance life with duties? Luckily, Morris is the title of this tour, so, essentially, he’s the boss.

“Because I’m headlining this tour, I’ve really got to make those days, especially with Hayes, we’re doing Thursday, Friday, Saturday shows and then like home during the week, “She tells. “I think it’s been a good flow, not just for Hayes, but, like, me and Ryan, like, people, just need to see each other.”

They bill themselves as weekend warriors, which isn’t an easy task with a child, but it certainly helps that Morris has a fling for himself after years of touring with the band and crew. There is a bus.

Herd’s Visit Will finish in Ohio on October 1 while Morris is settling in for the long haul Tour dates until 2 December

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