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Marco Antonio Solís ‘El Buki’ in mourning after the death of a beloved singer

  • Marco Antonio Solís in mourning.
  • Share emotional condolences after the death of the singer of ‘Enanitos Verdes’.
  • Marciano Cantero leaves thousands of broken hearts after his departure.

Marco Antonio Solis mourning. The tragedies for the world of entertainment do not stop and we have seen and read of so many events that have severely attacked the lives of celebrities, some go through very complicated processes in their lives, such is the case of a beloved comedian who goes through a bitter moment.

Mundo Now readers have been aware of what is happening in the world of entertainment and this case is no exception. Now it has been reported that the interpreter of ‘My eternal secret love’ is devastated after the death of Marciano Cantero, who was the vocalist of ‘Enanitos Verdes’.

The vocalist of ‘Enanitos Verdes’, Marciano Cantero, dies

Marco Antonio Solis mourning

On September 8, the sensitive death of the musician Marciano Cantero, vocalist of the Argentine band ‘Enanitos Verdes’, was announced. He was 62 years old and just last week he had undergone emergency surgery. One kidney and part of his spleen had been removed.

The interpreter of songs like ‘Lamento boliviano’, ‘La pared verde’, ‘Guitarras blanca’ and ‘Like yesterday’, to name a few, suffered from serious complications with the kidney that he had left. It was his son, Javier Cantero, who released this unfortunate news. Rest in peace, Marciano Cantero. Filed Under: Marco Antonio Solís mourning.

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