Home Entertainment Marche a Milanese (soy and reheated) for Lady Gaga

Marche a Milanese (soy and reheated) for Lady Gaga

Marche a Milanese (soy and reheated) for Lady Gaga

Did you see when you go to a good restaurant, ask for a dish that you have already tried, or recommended it to you, and end up feeling it tasteless, with taste of nothing? The Gucc housei is about that family clan in Milan, and it is like a reheated soybean milanesa, which was served at the table to Lady Gaga.

Lots of good ingredients, but unfortunate cooking.

And if. Is rare. Ridley scott he was (was he? is he no longer?) one of the few directors with a large cap that hardly had a weak film. They could entertain more or less, but paying admission to see one of Scott’s was a guarantee.

Lady Gaga Is Patrizia Reggiani, The One Who Drove The Wedge In The Gucci Empire In Milan.  Photo Uip

Lady Gaga is Patrizia Reggiani, the one who drove the wedge in the Gucci empire in Milan. Photo UIP

And if weeks ago we marked that in The last duel, his previous film, things improved when action prevailed and not words, in La casa Gucci, in which there is almost no action … But let’s analyze what happens in House of Gucci, the one that everyone was talking about to be there, fighting for the Oscar, and may end up there, fighting for the Razzies.

Director of Blade runner, Alien, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator and Rescue Mission featured a stellar cast. As you usually always have at your disposal.

Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) And Patrizia (Lady Gaga): A Fiery Love, Then Icy, And Then ... Uip Photo

Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver) and Patrizia (Lady Gaga): a fiery love, then icy, and then … UIP Photo

Did the story fail?

The film tells the entry of Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) to the Gucci family. Or the Gucci empire, one would have to say. Patrizia meets Maurizio by chance (Adam Driver) and it is very clear that the only thing that interests the daughter of a truck entrepreneur is to fish for the long-standing heir to the empire.

Driver (&Quot;Story Of A Marriage&Quot;, The Latest Saga Of &Quot;Star Wars&Quot;) Must Deal With Impossible Texts. Photo Uip

Driver (“Story of a marriage”, the latest saga of “Star Wars”) must deal with impossible texts. Photo UIP

It is something that Rodolfo Gucci (Jeremy irons) predicts your child. But we already know that love is blind, and many times, deaf, and Maurizio leaves his father’s home to become a truck driver and end up handcuffing Patrizia.

Of course he will return to the bosom of the family, but it will be when Patrizia convinces Uncle Aldo (Al Pacino) to hug his nephew. Aldo, who lives in New York, takes a terrible treat and even treats his own son, Paolo (Jared Leto, unrecognizable with the amount of prostheses in the face and body).

An Unrecognizable Jared Leto Is Paolo, The &Quot;Useless&Quot; Of The Gucci.  Photo Uip

An unrecognizable Jared Leto is Paolo, the “useless” of the Gucci. Photo UIP

The rest is history, if you do not know what happened to the Gucci empire, the internal fights in the family business of fashion, shoes and handbags, and why it all turned into a resounding police case we are not going to spoil it here.

Did the proceedings fail?

Lady Gaga and Driver (who was in The last duel) are among the best of the cast, although the worst part of the marriage touches the actor of Paterson and the latest trilogy of Star wars. It has incredible texts, and it goes from devotion to the family to betraying it and trusting it again without any explanation or attitude.

All United, But We Will Not Succeed.  Leto, Driver, Gaga And Pacino.  Photo Uip

All united, but we will not succeed. Leto, Driver, Gaga and Pacino. Photo UIP

Jared Leto is another who can take refuge in the physical to at least get away, and add his fake Italian accent.

But the Pacino and Irons thing has no name. Al had been parodying himself, and here he doesn’t seem to have control, nor that anyone has set limits on him. And the Oscar winner for My secret condemns me it’s on autopilot until it ends up in a drawer.

Address failed?

After His Debut With &Quot;A Star Is Born&Quot;, It Cannot Be Said That His Is A False Step.  But ... Uip Photo

After his debut with “A star is born”, it cannot be said that his is a false step. But … UIP photo

And if. It is strange that Scott’s new and regular collaborators – cinematographer Dariusz Wolski, editor Claire Simpson, musician Harry Gregson-Williams – did not warn him that the matter had been getting dense, thick, very long (two hours 37 minutes) and boring.

“The Gucci house”


Drama. USA / Canada, 2021. Original title: “House of Gucci”. 157 ‘, SAM 13. From: Ridley Scott. With: Lady Gaga, Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons. Rooms: Hoyts Abasto and Dot, Cinépolis Recoleta and Avellaneda, Showcase Belgrano and Norcenter.

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