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Marcelo Birmajer’s New Story: The Miracle

Marcelo Birmajer's New Story: The Miracle

many times i want to be sure Somerset Maugham to start a story. Not all stories. But yes in this. Ironically, the first inspiring scene that comes to mind is at the end of his story (and I need a start). footprints in the forest,

In that vignette, Maugham reveals that he recognizes two killers, a man and a woman: 35 years earlier, they had killed their husbands together. He managed to come out acquitted, free from guilt and charge. And they went on together for the rest of their lives, as a couple.

Looking at the killers now more than sixty years old, the great English writer shares with us his surprise: how could it be that 35 years ago they were two peaceful, worn-out, smiling faces, meekly playing bridges, Dedicated to an evil passion, brutal murder of a man,

The light and casual way Maugham asks the question is more elegant and impactful than any of my attempts to reflect it. Another paradox is that in the story Gubardo told me, the exact opposite occurs. The face of sixty years becomes smooth and fresh, perhaps fatal.

It all starts after the honeymoon. A marriage lasting thirty-five years decides to celebrate their love, their permanence. Gubardo’s face when he tells me that his story may actually be that of the protagonist of Maugham’s story, without the ominous aura of a previous murder.

Only Maugham could tell the difference between one face and the other. Not noticeable to a layman like me. As Carmen Balkels told me: Attitude is the author’s treasure, what is my point of view? of a myopic.

Gubardo initially described to me the sweetness of that joint decision: a trip to an island in the South Seas. I don’t even know what the South Seas are. I’ve read Maugham and Stevenson’s entire works, and I still don’t know what the South Seas are.

Nor could I keep up with the stories of Jack London in space, in the snow, and with sled dogs. where are they? No idea: my point of view. a) yes i will never get anywhere,

I’m here, listening to Gubardo. The only way I resembled the narrator Maugham was that I also met Gubardo and his wife in their sixties. He was married, he told me, at the age of 25. He has the savings of a lifetime for this trip. I keep them arbitrarily in Hawaii. Or in Tahiti? I don’t even know where Tahiti is.

One journey by plane and the other by boat, both wonderful. Sweetness and discreet sensuality in transfers. Hugs and laughs. Moderate booze and exchange of memories. A couple in their fullness: Conflict, pressure, misunderstanding and resentment are left behind. They are ready, like your savings, to fully enjoy,

He has also saved this affection for the rest of his life. All those moments of thirty-five years of marriage, which were wasted in quarrels, in distraction, in boredom, are now returned to the valuable treasure as a mature approach: to enjoy each other as men and as women. Possibility.

They are moderately healthy, they still love each other, they know how to invent secrets in each other.

They stay at a paradisiacal hotel, one of the Hiltons that Connie sends Don Draper to campaign for. Mad Man, steps from the sea. Meditation is monarchy. The waiters and waitresses are fast, friendly and friendly. Food, Tropical. Prawns shaped like pineapple, mango, unknown fruit, lobster and fresh lobster. Aphrodisiac alcohol.

On one excursion, they are taken to an old village where only the natives live by hunting and fishing, with hardly any supply of electricity; The rest are the same as centuries ago.

Gubardo and his wife Mariela will spend the night there. Some other pairs are: a married couple of Asian man and woman, probably Chinese; Two men and another newlyweds. Few western passers-by pass by, boats keep coming and going. the weather is favorable,

When night falls, a sorceress appears in front of Gubardo and Mariella’s cozy hut. She is such a strangely beautiful woman. He is not young and has an extraordinary natural charm. He explains that through a concoction and an applied ointment can return them in their 20s, They will be in their twenties again. Gubardo chooses to reject him, but Mariela wants to try.

Gubardo, in love and protection, offers his wife to do it together. But Mariela replied that Gubardo likes it that way, mature, while she yearns to regain the features and looks of her twenties. It will be an ultimate honeymoon that will be unimaginably better than they thought. Gubbard accepts.

The sorceress charges him in dollars and asks if he wants him to stay there when the miracle happens. He looks at Gubardo intently. They both spontaneously respond that he can leave.

As the sorceress leaves, Mariela turns into herself in front of Gubardo, 20 years old. Her beauty dazzles, her clarity pricks, its promontory and curves go crazy. Gubardo wonders if he might not have made a mistake.

But her desires are stronger, and she recites Shakespeare’s immortal words about Cleopatra: “Age cannot erase her, nor can customs weaken the infinite diversity within her. Other females satisfy their hunger by feeding them; But the more it satisfies the hunger, the more it wakes him up.”

Mariela wants to bathe in the sea, groom herself and dress for the occasion: present Gubardo all night. Gubardo waits for her in the hut and she does not return. won’t come back,

We are back at the bar in Buenos Aires, let alone two men: Gubardo, 65 years old, I am ten years younger. The Tahitian paradise that just unfolded has disappeared, leaving behind a trail of impossible textures, colors and fragrances.

“Two days without listening to him,” Gubardo explains. The local police arrested me. I had to give bail to be able to return to Argentina and still I was under Interpol surveillance. Mariela appeared at the house a week later, as if nothing had happened.

– How old? I asked stupidly.

“63,” Gubardo told me, as if there was nothing stupid in my question.

“Twenty years of that,” she said. He preferred to use them elsewhere, not with me.

She paused in which I thought she would die, but added: – I met her at the age of 25.

“and now…?” I heard myself asking. as follows?.

“I want to go back to that place,” he said without confidence. In college.

Gubardo ordered another of whatever he was drinking. He took a deep breath and asked me: – What is the antonym of the word miracle?

It took a few minutes before I admitted my ignorance.

“If it exists, I don’t know about it,” I declared.

“Life,” said Gubardo. life is a miracle,

For some reason, I dare not close his testimony with that sentence. I am still looking for a less bitter sentence for this ending. But it doesn’t happen to me. Surely Maugham, paradoxically, with his whimsical tortoiseshell face, would have found the exact phrase.


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