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Marcelo Birmajer’s new story: The Hand of God

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Ephraim Ducasse he was the worst player on the team Waymonte School Handball. He was selected because he was skilled enough to be a part of the team. But, among the chosen ones, he was the worst. He lacked strength on the pitches. This little jumped. He could dribble some opponents, but not much.

He stood out in his aerobic capacity: without the pace, he jogged with the resistance of a marathoner; You He never gets tired of sports,

The next semester, a clash with Nordheim School, was decisive not to get down the table. It was also a classic: the “Arya” of the North German school; Once against the barbarians of the neighborhood.

in the north There were two German schools: one Naziand an anti-Nazi, After the war, the two reportedly aligned themselves with federal Germany and the new position of Chancellor Adenauer. But as the anti-Nazi school gradually withdrew from German politics, Nordheim Secretly Maintained Its Nazi Affiliationin secret messages.

Eventually both establishments were integrated into Nordheim. His handball players were some of the best in the tournament: tall, quiet, great marksman. the archers were afraid of them,

At Viamonte, the coach was the physical education teacher: Matsukuda Kimoto. This polite and firm technical director knew how to engage with students in a simple, deep and inspiring language. His Spanish was neutral, and he rarely made reference to his Japanese origins.

There was no mention of judo in it. But in the instructions given by him, always concise, correct and effective, there were traces of ancient Japanese wisdom, its rites and experience.

In this legendary classic against Nordheim, a historical parable linked the worst of the team to Ephraim Ducasse and coach Kimmoto: Jewish student and Japanese teacherTogether, they will fight against the Nazi team. That alliance, which he did not communicate between himself or the rest of the team verbally, allowed him to defuse situations.

Nordheim was clearly the better player, his technique and power unbeatable up to that point. Viamonte had never won a game against him, and yet It was a classic, the tenacity with which he had faced them for decadesBefore they merged into a German and Nazi college.

Ephraim and Kimoto had both seen the basketball movie Starring Gene Hackman: Technician Use Manipulation as Spies in the Bible.

His trick was to give the worst team the deciding shot., which the opponents will not be seeing. In the film, at the end the best pitcher said to the coach: “I can.” And for the first time in the plot, Hackman accepted the joint decision of those he directed.

Kimmoto and Ephraim, who had never exchanged personal words before, although the relationship had always been of mutual respect, conspired on occasion so that closer to the end of the game, if they managed to lose by just one goal. If left, Ephraim would be overwhelmed, sending himself to the left end of the field, and the match ended in an unexpected draw.

He would probably throw a “dough”, but between the confusion of the opposing team and the distraction from the goalkeeper, the trick could have worked. For some time the secret was confined to Kimoto and Ephraim, and the boy felt a great responsibility as well as a wonderful sense of humor on his shoulders.

Ephraim Spent three hours a day for six months, to practice his shot, until turning his right hand into David’s slingshot. That ball had to go like the stone that had thrown Goliath down.

A wish of mere coincidence distracted Ephraim from his supernatural endeavor: The constant presence, both in class and in his mind, of Professor Lotreman.

The teacher of chemistry presented in the morning, impossible for any other human being in an hour, a splendid body, a delicious perfume, nude lips and the part that woke Ephraim, A double-faced mountain range, gentle and sweet, destructive.

Could fate be so diabolical as to trigger an acquaintance between an undergraduate Professor Kimoto and a recently divorced Professor Lotreman?

He did not end up allying himself, Ephraim and Kimoto, who were already aligned. The poisonous web of passion confronts them, unknowingly, Ephraim would have completed his training as the best caster on the planet if Lotremon had offered him the reward at the end of the road. But in reality it only distracted him.

It was time to share the master move with the rest of the team. Fifteen days before the match, he discovered that a mole had disclosed the plan to Nordheim.

Nordem’s technical director, cheeky Busich, waits for them with no surprises, Rodolfo “Alacran” Busiche was a former handball player, member of the Croatian team, still young, and manager of a company affiliated with the brewery Nordem.

Kimmoto and Ephraim, in collaboration with teacher Alois Lotremon, practically now Kimmoto’s girlfriend, try to expose the culprit behind the leak. in vain.

match against nordemo anticipated failure causedLike Gallic Boss fights without any magic potions boss fight Of Asterix. Members of the Viamonte squad, with their secret weapon, took part in the game reluctantly and defeated.

It soon became known that Professor Lotreman, infatuated with Busich and now a participant in the factory, had given his crush to Kimoto and his students. Aloisie, from the very first moment, was a “mole”.

kimoto kills seppuku, he opened his belly in a harakiri, hours before the game, and ended. Viamonte players took part in the challenge with their forearms in mourning with black bracelets. It was played in the north and Nordheim’s relatives filled wooden stands to watch their victory, amid chants from Nibelung mythology and some words typical of the Third Reich.

Sitting in a padded chair, Busiche gazed at his future victories. Delivery promised by Professor Lotreman for the same evening: a horizon of his body which he had reserved for him. The Nordheim team as a whole marked both the virtuoso defender and Müller Ephraim of Waymontese. He was not allowed to go in the area alone. Dye was added.

Ephraim drifted to the right, Nordheim did not understand the movement nor did he see any danger in his drift. Ephraim’s hand raised as if King David had spoken, The ball came out in an unexpected direction—an overwhelming fireball—: toward the helpless face of Cheeku Busieche.

Handball ball turned into missile ruined Busiche’s nose for the rest of his life, it took away his eye forever and gave him such a blow that he would only be able to wake up after three days. Professor Lotreman left her: she did not like the wounded. Ephraim was unconditionally expelled from the Federation and voluntarily changed schools.


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