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‘Marcela Valencia’ says she is happy that the public already considers Betty as the bad one

Natalia Ramirezbetter known as Marcela Valencia for her performance in the telenovela ‘I am Betty the Ugly one’, visited Mexico to promote the play ‘The Red Divan’which will have one of presentations in different entities of the country starting in October.

The play was written by Fernando Gaytán, the same writer as Betty la Fea, and is presented as a form of posthumous tribute three years after her death. The cast is made up of Natalia, Lorna Cepeda and Julio César Herrera, Patricia Fernández and Freddy respectively.

For the above Natalia made a media tour, where she was questioned about various issues, among them the telenovela, particularly about their perception regarding television production and its characters after more than 20 years; his response surprised the fans.

‘Marce’ happy about the public’s perception of Betty

During an interview for the podcast ‘TRANS THE NET‘, from the YouTube channel Scandal, Natalia responded to questions about her character and Betty’s, he stated that the true antagonist was ‘the ugly one’.

He noted that the public little by little through the years she has realized that Betty is the bad one of history

Now they realize that the bad one is Betty“, answered.

In addition, he revealed that since the recordings of the telenovela it was the same writerFernando Gaytán, together with the director, who confirmed that Betty was the antagonist, however, due to the format that the dramas must comply with, it was necessary to differentiate between good and evil; so through the script and the construction of his character, Gaytán made Marcela look like the bad one.

“In fact, when we were recording and we talked to Fernando, he said that Betty was indeed the antagonist: but my job is to make you look like the bad guy, but she’s the bad guy”, he related when remembering his conversation with Gaytán.

He stressed that It took 23 years for the public to realize it. Lastly, she indicated that the attitudes that were qualified as bad are considered by her as a matter of temperament.

“She was from a difficult temperament, strong, demanding, disciplinedI wanted everything to be as it should be, but she did nothing but help women, “he concluded.


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