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Marc Anthony revealed that he had a stutter, and he sang it away!

Marc Anthony is considered one of the great exponents of the salsa genre and has managed to consolidate his career with songs like Now who, and although Spanish is not his mother tongue, he learned it and speaks it with great fluency. However, a few years ago the ex-husband of JLo faced a problem: he had a stutter.

Perhaps something that many are unaware of is that during their childhood and adolescence, Marc Anthony had language problems such as stuttering, something he still suffered from when he started with his career in music.

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In an interview with Univisionthe singer told how he lived this episode of his life and how music and singing helped him overcome his problem.

“I had a stutter, it was very, very difficult for me to speak when I was a child and when I sang it was gone. I started singing with daddy when I was three years old and still not being able to say and I finish a song with him and they look at you and tell you that they are proud of you.

In another interview, this time with Adela Micha, Marc Anthony mentioned that music became his refuge when he had a stutter and thanks to her he was able to leave this language problem behind.

“I was a stutterer, in my childhood I grew up stuttering, it was very difficult for me to say the simplest things, but when I sang it was taken away from me, that for me was a sanctuary, where I hid.”

Finally, he declared that he owes a lot to music, That is why he puts a lot of dedication into each of the productions he publishes.

“I have respect for the art of music and it gave me life, my way of expressing myself when I couldn’t even order a hamburger or whatever. Music changed my life forever and it wasn’t because I was famous, it was out of necessity. I ended up protecting my art, what God gave me, that’s why each album, each letter, each arrangement seems like ten years because I have to give him what he has given me, a life”.


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