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Manuel Ojeda had an illness

  • Manuel Ojeda suffered from an illness
  • The actor died at the age of 81.
  • In an interview he revealed his ills

After the news of the death of the Mexican actor Manuel Ojeda, the questions about the reasons for it have not been long in coming, so the rumors go out everywhere, although so far it has not been revealed what happened to him, some publications They have resumed the disease that they had suffered for several years, according to the magazine’s portal Fame.

In an interview, the actor mentioned that unemployment caused him a strong depression, since he felt great sadness for not being able to work, however this has not been confirmed as a cause of his death. In the talk, the artist was honest with the people and in a verbatim way commented for the media outlet TV Notas the following:


Manuel Ojeda disease

“When I don’t work I start to get depressed and feel bad, on the other hand, when I’m working I do it with a lot of energy, I’ve been doing one thing after another for many years, if it’s not cinema, it’s television, if it’s not theater, since I I started 40 years ago and I haven’t stopped at this and that makes me happy,” said the soap opera villain.

But he also confessed that he had some bad habits in his daily life, both in health and in food, so people have begun to wonder if these revelations have to do with his death, but so far no one has confirmed what he died of, his death remains a great unknown, it was said before the news of Manuel Ojeda and his illness.

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